Original Universe Red Panda

Recorded years earlier, the original Red Panda mini-series was made up of six episodes set during World War II and was the original appearance of the Red Panda character. The name and the character's hypnotic powers are all that remain of the original Red Panda in the current series of podcasts. In episode 24 of The Red Panda Adventures, it was revealed that the world of these stories still exists in an alternate universe from which travel is possible. The original series had a far sillier tone, parodying many tropes of the patriotic superhero radio dramas of the 1940s, right down to product placement and appeals to buy war bonds. The lack of punching/kicking sound effects during fight scenes (mostly composed of enraged grunting and cries of agony) in the series unwittingly adds to the hilarity of these episodes.

List of Red Panda Original Universe Episodes

Five (or maybe six) years before the current Decoder Ring Theatre podcast shows began, we recorded these very different style "Red Panda" shows as a pilot project for traditional radio broadcast. They were the genesis for what we're doing now, but they are almost completely different from the "re-booted" universe of The Red Panda Adventures

The episodes are listed by the release date. Each entry includes the number of the show, its title, a short description of the episode, and its original release date.

# Title Description Release Date
"Case of the Dynamite Dame"
Episode 1 for the Original Universe Shows.
27 August 2005
"Oil Be Home For Christmas"
Episode 2 for the Original Universe Shows.
3 September 2005
"Death From Above"
Episode 3 for the Original Universe Shows.
10 September 2005
"The Judas Boats"
Episode 4 for the Original Universe Shows.
17 September 2005
"The Black Panda"
Episode 5 for the Original Universe Shows.
24 September 2005
"A Touch of Grey"
Episode 6 for the Original Universe Shows.
1 October 2005

Dramatis Personae

The Red Panda - Status: Alive and Well Referred to as "Canada's One-Man Second Front," he was a superhero in Toronto before World War II broke out, and along with the other "mystery men" of Canada, he has pledged to use his talents to aid the war effort. From time to time, Red downs a gulp of Manlonite 990 for a temporary boost in strength and speed. Voiced by Gregg Taylor.

Baboon McSmoothie - Status: Alive and Well "The Man of a Thousand Faces," McSmoothie is a former international jewel thief and current Australian secret agent. By taking a drug called "Adaptrinol T-13," he is able to change his features into any form he chooses. This is the same McSmoothie who appears in Episode 24 of the current Red Panda Adventures. Voiced by Gregory Z. Cooke.

Colonel Sparky Fitzking - Status: Alive and Wagging Once the pet of Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, Colonel Sparky Fitzking is a golden retriever who has undergone intelligence treatments that have given him the ability to talk. These treatments increased his natural canine intellect by a factor of 60003. He essentially runs the government while the Prime Minister is indisposed. Voiced by ?.

William Lyon Mackenzie King - Status: Alive and Well The Prime Minister of Canada, "Willy" was hit with a prototype German insanity ray, reducing his intelligence to that of a five-year-old. The government hides his mental deficiencies in an attempt to convince the Germans the ray doesn't work, by having Colonel Fitzking fulfill the Prime Minister's duties. Voiced by ?.

The Major - Status: Alive and Well The Major, whose proper name is never given, is the leader of Special Ops and the Panda Division. Her own past is somewhat shady, and she has no compunctions about using any methods at her disposal to get what she wants. She has a known past with Baboon McSmoothie Voiced by Stephanie Bickford.

Dr. Anna Handbasket - Status: Alive and Well A scientist for Panda Division. She is the inventor of many of the tools used by the Red Panda, including Manlonite 990, the Zap Gun and the Ventriloquator. She is romantically connected to the Red Panda and is the daughter of Bucky Handbasket, the Grey Panda. Voiced by Adrienne Rogers.

The Green Panda - Status: (More Info needed) Thomas McStrongchin. Formerly the Green Guardian of Winnipeg and a member of the Prairie Patrol, this agent of Panda Division was decommissioned by The Major as a security risk after she tested his discretion through a false romantic relationship with him. Voiced by ?.

The Grey Panda - Status: Unknown Bucky Handbasket. Father to Anna Handbasket and retired agent of Panda Division in the last war. Last seen searching for The Black Panda. Voiced by ?.

The Black Panda - Status: Unknown Victor Boysenberry. Hoping to prove himself to his mentor, the Grey Panda, and the woman he loved, Dr. Anna Handbasket, Victor took an earlier, unstable version of the Manlonite formula that not only enhanced his strength and speed but also horribly disfigured him. Burning him from the inside out with an unending supply of energy, Victor learned he could use the energy as a weapon by projecting it in a simultaneous burst from his eyes, mouth and hands. Wracked with pain and thought dead, Victor fell to despair until eventually joining forces with Professor Von Schlick. Victor ultimately redeemed himself by turning his energy powers on Von Schlick in order to save the Grey Panda and Anna Handbasket. Voiced by ?.

The Purple Panda - Status: DECEASED Killed In Action by Professor Von Schlick. Voiced by ?.

Professor Friedrich Von Schlick - Status: Presumed Exploded Nazi scientist turned into a living oil slick. Voiced by M. John Kennedy.

The Flying Squirrel - Status: Dead Kent Baxter, a 15-yr old sidekick of the Red Panda who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. He is not mentioned by name in the original series, only referred to as a "teen sidekick". His name is revealed in the podcast/original series crossover. Voiced by ?.

Dorothy Dynamite - Status: Presumed Exploded Dorothea McCocoa, owner of " Dorothea Chocolate International", she is a lunatic with a penchant for dynamite and an unrequited love for Benito Mussolini. Voiced by ?.

Professor Kelp - Status: Unknown Owns an underwater grotto visited by the Red Panda. Voiced by ?.

Dr. Chronopolis - Status: Unknown An armored super-villain, not actually appearing in the original six episodes, but referred to in the podcast/original series crossover. Voiced by ?.

Baron Otto Pilate - Status: Shut Down for Maintenance Scourge of the Skies and Pride of the Luftwaffe, the original Baron is presumed dead. An army of Nazi android pilots containing his likeness and personality replaced him. Voiced by ?.

Maurice Baguette of the Resistance - Status: Unknown French resistance fighter. Voiced by ?.

Great Dane - Status: PRESUMED DECEASED The greatest hero of the Danish resistance, 7ft 9in, can bench-press a tank, proficient with energy weapons and only speaks Danish. Voiced by ?.

The Vancouver Vixen - Status: Unknown The former pseudonym of an unidentified Panda Division operative. Voiced by ?.

German Von German - Status: Presumed Exploded Commander of an elite team of Nazi Ninjas. Voiced by Gregg Taylor.

References in Main Show

Since the main universe of the Red Panda Adventures entered World War II, references to the Earth-2 characters and situations have begun appearing with regularity.

The first character to be mentioned is Brian McSweeney, in Nightshade. His first audio appearance, played once again by Gregory Z. Cooke, is in The Eyes of the Idol.

Dorothea Dynamite, voiced by Andrea Lyons, was dealt with in Rocket Science.

The episode Death From Above was recreated with a more realistic tone in Murder From The Skies.

Colonel Fitzroy is a loose parallel to Colonel Fitzking, with the marked difference that Fitzroy is not a dog.

The Major exists in both universes, although in the main universe she is first introduced as the Captain.

Dr. Anna Chronopolis is the main universe's parallel to Dr. Anna Handbasket. One interesting difference is that her romantic interest is in the "backup" Red Panda rather than the usual one.

The Grey Fox, being based in Vancouver, is evidently the main universe's parallel to the Vancouver Vixen. This is one of the least obvious references, as the Vancouver Vixen is mentioned only once in passing.


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