The Red Panda Revange Squad (RPRS) is planning to kill the Red Panda. So the Red Pand send the Flying Squirrel on vacation in hopes that it will keep her safe because earlier in the timeline the Red Panda got a file to know that the RPRS was going to kill the Flying Squirrel to get at the Red Panda (Season 2 The World Next Door). So Kit tricks the Red Panda to thinking that she left when she didn't. When the Red Panda's guird is down she slips into the layer and finds the file out in the open and confronts him about it. In the end RPRS capptures little Harry Kelli. Professor Zombie distracts the Flying Squirrel while the Red Panda frees Harry Kelli.

Main Characters

  • The Flying Squirrel voiced by Clarissa Der Nederlanden Taylor
  • The Red Panda voiced by Gregg Taylor

Supper Villians

  • Professor Zombie voiced by Audrea Lyons
  • The Crimson Death voiced by ?
  • The Genie voiced by Brain Vaughan
  • The Electric Eel voiced by Scott Moyle
  • Mordriel the Malevolent voiced by Steven Burley

Minor Characters

  • Mother Hen voiced by ?
  • Harry Kelli voiced by Shannon Arnold
  • Andy Parker voiced by Never Spoke in this episode just mentioned
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