A Midsummer Night's Noir
A Midsummer Night's Noir
A Midsummer Night's Noir
Show Black Jack Justice
Air Date 12 December 2008
Episode Number 25
Episode Length 28 min
Genre Hard boiled Detective
Director Gregg Taylor
Writer Gregg Taylor
Music By ?
Players Christopher Mott
Andrea Lyons
Gregg Taylor

With the city in the grips of a heat wave, things are bound to get a little screwy. But no matter what air-conditioned hidey-hole a gumshoe ducks into, the place is lousy with crouching jade kittens and raincoated would-be girl detectives. It's bound to end badly for someone when Jack and Trixie start A Midsummer Night's Noir! - With special guest star Mary Jo Pehl!

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"Toss of a Coin" is the fifth Anna Castle movie. in the second movie Anna produced seven pairs of handcuffs from her hangbag. Beside Trixie, four girls thought the theft of the jade cat sounded like the movie.

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