A Simple Case of Black and White
Black jack justice 46 - a simple case of black and white
A Simple Case of Black and White
Show Black Jack Justice
Air Date 15 December 2011
Episode Number 46
Episode Length 29 min
Genre Hard boiled Detective
Director Gregg Taylor
Writer Gregg Taylor
Music By ?
Players Christopher Mott
Andrea Lyons
Gregg Taylor

The sporting life isn't for everyone, my friends. For some, one's athletic pursuits are best not spoken of in polite company, and almost always involve shoes, liquor, tight slacks or handguns. Or all of the above. But when the Girl Detective stumbles on to the Pro Bowling circuit, the result is anything but... A Simple Case of Black and White!

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Assuming the Black Jack Justice stories are told in chronological order, "A Simple Case of Black and White" begins on September 8, 1956. We are told that the Benton Sausages Championship takes place the third Thursday of every September. Trixie reads the banner, which says it's taking place on September 20th. This date occurs on the third Thursday in 1956. Trixie is in the bowling alley on a Saturday, and the Championship is said to be in about two weeks; the 8th is the Saturday closest to two-weeks prior.

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