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Aliens Are Like Mirages
Show Marvellous Boxes
Air Date 15 August 2012
Episode Number 6
Episode Length 35 min
Genre Sci Fi
Director Gregg Taylor
Writer Tim Prasil
Music By [[_]]

This week, our final Marvellous Box opens to reveal a secret from beyond the stars. Is it a gift? A curse? Or nothing more than we make of it? Nothing can be certain when we find that Aliens Are Like Mirages.

Cast of CharactersEdit

Pam Doree

Private Eddie Mathis

Dr. Timothy Dusek

Dr. Aaron Wasserman

Dr. Tanaka

Campbell Jarvis

Production Assistant

Plot Edit

Divinity student Pam Doree is made responsible for a box that appears to have been sent to Earth by evangelicals from outer space. The miraculous box offers humanity a means to make the world a more unified place. Of course, such things don’t come without some kind of sacrifice.

Quotes Edit

PAM: So it's not pulling molecules out of us, right?

WASSERMAN: Right! Which is good news!

DUSEK: And what is the basis of your faith, Mr. Jarvis?

JARVIS: Oh, eye-witness accounts and reproducability. The Bible and the scientific method. Mulder and Scully.

Trivia Edit

The story plays with the myth of Pandora's Box. Pam Doree is a variation on Pandora, and Eddie Mathis somewhat parallels Epimetheus.

Dr. Timothy Dusek is a Professor of Theology and Ethics. In Czech, his surname means "soul."

Links Edit

Tim Prasil's blog is at, and his facebook page is at

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