Baboon McSmoothie
Catchphrase Unknown
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Occupation former international jewel thief
current Australian secret agent and Time and Dimension Traveler
Alias Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
Affiliated With Panda Division
Homebase Unknown
Voice Actor Gregory Z. Cooke

"The Man of a Thousand Faces", McSmoothie is a former international jewel thief and current Australian secret agent. By taking a drug called "Adaptrinol T-13", he is able to change his features into any form he chooses. Time-traveling, dimension-jumping Man of a Thousand Faces from a parallel future universe. Voiced by Gregory Z. Cooke.

In episode 58, titled The Eyes of the Idol, of the Red Panda Adventures we meet Brian McSweeney, McSmoothies real world conterpart.

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