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A Midsummer Night's Noir
With the city in the grips of a heat wave, things are bound to get a little screwy. But no matter what air-conditioned hidey-hole a gumshoe ducks into, the place is lousy with crouching jade kittens and raincoated would-be girl detectives. It's bound to end badly for someone when Jack and Trixie start A Midsummer Night's Noir! - With special guest star Mary Jo Pehl! December 13, 2008
The Do-Nothing Detective
Private detecting isn't the sort of game where you can pick your battles. Jack and Trixie have done all kinds of things for all kinds of people, and most of the time you just hope for the best. But when a mystery man is perpared to drop a fat retainer in their laps to drop a client that they never had, it looks like our heroes have finally caught that nice soft case everybody always talks about. But it couldn't really be that simple... could it? December 27, 2008
The Family Jewels
The life of a detective has its ups and downs to be sure. Some might even argue that the downs held a pretty strong grip on the majority. But every so often a client like Midge Crocker opened the door and made it all worthwhile. A girl who was equal parts helpless doe-eyed bunny rabbit and hard, practiced liar. Now all Jack and Trixie had to do was figure out if the too-good to be true story was just that, or if they really were after... The Family Jewels January 10, 2008
No News is Good News
If there's one thing worse than not having one of your best sources at your beck and call, it's never having him again because he went and got dead. With a client yapping at their heels, a word from Mike Rogers, crime reporter for the Gazette, could make all the difference. But when the newshound pulls a disappearing act, Jack and Trixie can only hope that it's a case of... No News is Good News! January 24, 2009
The Problem of the Perplexing Pastiche
Two solid days of surveillance can take it out of anybody. Two nights without sleep and things don't make a lot of sense. But when Trixie Dixon, Girl Detective starts mixing her metaphors with Trixia Dixon, Lady Consulting Detective Extraordinaire... well that can't be good, can it? February 7, 2009
Now Who's The Dummy?
The life of a private detective is one that tends to keep a fella behind the times. After all, if you're sitting on top of the world, you rarely find yourself in need of a pair of low-rent gumshoes. Sometimes a little nostalgia isn't a bad thing... and sometimes the line between reality and anything-but is paper thin. Those are the days that leave a fella asking... Now Who's The Dummy? February 21, 2009

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