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Name: Brian McSweeney

Height: 6'4"[1]

Country of Origin: Australia

Brian McSweeney is an Australian secret agent.

Contact with the Red Panda[]

Brian McSweeney has worked with both the original Red Panda and John Doe during his tenure as the Red Panda. (Though we do not see him working with John Doe, he mentions that he has worked with the Red Panda a few times, and the last was about six weeks before meeting Parker's Rangers, approximately 4 to 6 months after August Fenwick went missing.) 


Like his other world counterpart, McSweeney is able to transform his face at will. Though he is restricted by his own experience hearing and seeing an individual whom he is impersonating. 

He is extremely good at improvisation. 


His "Original Universe" counterpart is Baboon McSmoothie


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