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Commander Varkin
Age Unconfirmed
Height Unconfirmed
Weight Unconfirmed
Occupation Syndicate Leader
Alias Commander, Varkin
First Appearance Red Panda Adventures (10) - The Ghost Ship
Affiliated With The Syndicate
Homebase Toronto, Canada
Voice Actor Gregory Z. Cooke

 European "Ghost Ship" Captain with ties to a mysterious organization know as The Sydicate with a "great cause" and desire to "bring justice to the whole world".[]


Little is known of Commander Varkin other than his utter devotion to The Syndicates cause. He lead the organzation from it's first apearence in The Ghost Ship until they finally admit defeat in The Endgame.

When the Syndicate took on the guise of organized crime he partnered up with The Golden Claw and then became romantically involved with her. He belieived she has come to share his cause but would later be disappointed when she shoots him in cold blood in order to stop him from destroying the city she believes is hers.