When Far Reach Control intercepts a distress call from members of a mysterious race, there is little time to spare. Only the pilot of the Far Reach 1, the only member of Earth's feared Quasar Corps ever to fly under an alien flag, is close enough to assist. Can Commander Deck Gibson leave the past behind and protect the galaxy of wonder into which he has been thrust?

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Deck's little brother is called Billy. Deck hopes he follows in his footstep and joins the Gravity Ball team. The Gibson family has a tradition of sailing around Venus once a year. Deck's father was a comet tail pilot for twenty years. The only other Earthlings to serve among the Far Reach Fleet was Rick Stringer, formerly a rebel against the Quasar Corps. He was killed when the Far Reach 12 was destroyed by the pirate vessel The Slyther, piloted by Captain Blackscale.

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