Name:Decoder Ring Mansion
Location: Secret, presumably Toronto.

The Decoder Ring Mansion is home to the Decoder Ring Theatre Productions. The Decoder Ring Theatre Ensemble use the Mansion and its state-of-the-art studio to bring the world the exciting adventures of the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel and the hard-boiled detective Black Jack Justice. Sometimes shared by others, the mansion is Overseen by Gregg Taylor.

The Decoder Ring Mansion is shrouded in mystery. Those who tell of its existence are thought liars. Those who know its location are sworn to secrecy. The Mansion holds many of the secrets the general public isn't ready to know, including scripts for the future seasons of Black Jack Justice and Red Panda Adventures, and a comprehensive list of heroes in the Red Panda Universe. It may also hold the formula for the Red Panda's Anti-Magical Alloy, the anti-aging secret used by comic-book superheroes, and the recipe for Jack Justice's Coffee, although this, like so much else about the Mansion, remains speculation. Only one fact is known about the Mansion, and that is that Scott Moyle always arrives late to it. It is rumoured to contain an excellent robot.

Powered by quantum technology and Sponsored by the World Donut Consortium, the mansion is the future of audio production.

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