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The Red Panda Adventures
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Black Jack Justice
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The Decoder Ring Theatre Showcase
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Deck Gibson: Far Reach Commander
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Slick Bracer, PI
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Marvellous Boxes
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Crogan Adventures
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11 October, 2013 - Red Panda Adventures
Yes, folks, I'm delighted to announce that the debut story arc of Red Panda comics, which debuted digitally to great acclaim from Monkeybrain Comics, is getting a print edition from IDW Publishing! I understand that the release date for comics shops is Feb 15th, and the solicitations aren't out for that month quite yet, so your local comics shop may not yet know what you're talking about... (by all means, do pester them into carrying it, just not quite yet)
HOWEVER, it seems to be turning up all over the place for pre-order through "regular" bookstores, and there are some awesome pre-order deals that I thought I would pass along.
Read the details at the News Page

6 October, 2013 - Decoder Ring Theatre
Wayne Hall, of Wayne's Comics, recently interviewed Gregg Taylor about Mask of the Red Panda. They discuss "how the character and his supporting cast came to be as well as his successfully completed Kickstarter project taking the Red Panda to an full-cast audio comic venue." Check it out at, or through your preferred podcatcher.

17 July, 2013 - Red Panda Adventures
Red Panda: The Full-Cast Video Comic was fully funded with nearly triple the support needed. Not only does this guarantee the production of the Video Comic and some "home video" of the recording process, it also met the "stretch goal" for more issues of the comic! We look forward to more news as it becomes available.

Featured Character

Professor Friedrich von Schlitz
Status: Unknown
Professor Friedrich von Schlitz first ran into The Red Panda when a visitor from another world warned him about a weapon built by Professor von Slick. Since then, von Schlitz rose in the ranks of the Nazi Party, becoming their cheif scientific officer, and nursing a grudge against Toronto's Titanic Two-some. Professor von Schlitz is a major villian in season five.
Voice Actor: M. John Kennedy is Professor Friedrich von Schlitz.

Read the full article here

Showcase - Marvellous Boxes

Black Jack Justice

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Showcase - Deck Gibson, Far Reach Commander

The Red Panda Adventures

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Mark Time Show Time (5) - Dialogue With Martian Trombone
The Ramon Raquello Orchestra was supposed to get their big break that night in 1938, on Orson Welles' Mercury Theater show, but they kept getting cut off. The rest of that program became famous. Still is. But what happened to the band? We join them many years later, at a reunion of the band, and it seems that they can't seem to escape the influence of the Martians.

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Radio Days - PRX, the Public Radio Exchange

Yes, gang, we've enjoyed the radio play on CIUT so much, we're hungry for more! The Red Panda Adventures and Black Jack Justice are now available for broadcast license through PRX, the Public Radio Exchange, and they're free as a bird for any station that wants to play 'em!
What we're hoping each and every one of you will do is email the links to the series pages to the program director or general manager of your local public radio station, campus or community station, what have you, with a quick note about why you love the shows and want to hear them over the air!
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