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Facing Cydonia
Show Marvellous Boxes
Air Date 15 May 2012
Episode Number 3
Episode Length 27 min
Genre Sci Fi
Director Gregg Taylor
Writer Tim Prasil
Music By Tim Prasil

Author Tim Prasil's "Marvellous Boxes" has taken us to new worlds of the imagination, but this week we see that we might not be as ready as we think to visit them in real life. Months into an isolation test designed to test gear for an eventual mission to Mars, a crew faces equipment failures, shortages and a mysteriously shrinking population. Would they be equal to the task if they were suddenly... Facing Cydonia?

Cast of Characters[]

Debabrata "Debu" Sen




At a remote labroratory in far northern Canada, team members keep disappearing. One of the reasons why they're there, however, is to study how isolation affects stress, information to be used during missions to Mars. Are the disappearances a calculated part of a test, then?

Or is there another explanation?


"Gone the way of the rhino."


The lab described in this episode is based on the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station, which is located on Canada's Devon Island.

The announcer at the beginning is Tim Prasil, the writer.


Tim Prasil's blog is at, and his facebook page is at

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