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Finn's Golem

The fifth novel written by Gregg Taylor. This book, based on the Summer Showcase episode ID0, was published on January 23rd, 2013.

Science-fiction, Mystery. Paperback, 130 pages. E-book editions also available.


When private detective Drake Finn wakes up in the remains of his office with an impact wound on his head and a gaping hole where his memory used to be, it's pretty clear that he's up to his neck in his own special brand of trouble. A beautiful client that he's never met, a shady confederate he seem to have already sold her out to, and the forces that govern law, order and all that officially exists hovering in the wings, ready to erase him at a wrong move. And if that weren't enough, the smoking plasma cannon in his hand suggests he's probably carrying a murder weapon. Good times.

Equal parts noir detective story and speculative fiction thriller, Finn's Golem is a fast-paced one-two punch from the author of Black Jack Justice and the Tales of the Red Panda adventure series.


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"I looked away from the wound and down to the face in the mirror. It was a good face. Tired, I guess. Fortyish, but firm. Some grey around the temples, but nothing that you noticed right away. Good jaw line. Could use a shave, but wasn’t likely to get one. A man, taken for all in all. I had only one objection to the face in the mirror. I couldn’t remember ever seeing it before in my life."


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