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Flying Squirrel
Catchphrase Unknown
Age Early to Mid-Twenties
Height 5'6"
Weight Unknown
Occupation Chauffer/Costumed Adventurer.
Alias Katya "Kit" Baxter
First Appearance Red Panda Adventures (01) - Riddle of the Sphinx
Affiliated With The Red Panda
Homebase Toronto, Canada
Voice Actor Clarissa Der Nederlanden Taylor


Katya "Kit" Baxter is of Scottish-Dutch descent. Little has been revealed about her family or past. Her father was a taxi driver and possible former boxer who also taught Kit. Kit, as she prefers to be known, was working as a taxi driver for her father's former taxi cab company. One fateful day, Kit encountered a mysterious stranger who entered her cab and asked her to follow a speeding car. Already with a appetite for action Kit pursued the car with much gusto. The impatience of the stranger combined with Kit's legendary temper left Kit with a bad taste in her mouth as she dropped off the stranger an abandoned warehouse who later arrived to offer Kit a job as his new driver. Kit still offended by the stranger turned down the offer. As the stranger left Kit's supervisor attempted to get her to change her mind and to stop chasing a phantom like the Red Panda, saying that not everybody can bust up gangs in warehouses. This prompted Kit to recall the stranger from before. Kit caught up with the stranger and took the job.

After some training Kit debuted as the Flying Squirrel, partner of the Red Panda, during a crime attempted by Professor Zombie. As Kit's experience grew she gained a following and reputation separate from the Red Panda's own.


Kit's relationship with her "Boss" grew from a mild crush to full-blown love after many adventures. Barely hiding her feelings Kit's feelings would be reciprocated after a major adventure to NYC. During a battle with German scientist Von Schlitz Kit was felled with lethal mystical energy. The Red Panda seeing this rushed to her side, and kissed her beacuse he thought she had been killied. Only to discover their anti-magic technology had saved her. This allowed both to finally express their feelings openely and resulted in the two becoming engaged.

Kit has been described as highly attractive and, as such, has become the focus of schoolboy crushes for several characters in the Red Panda universe, including Constable Andy Parker.

Powers and Abilities

As The Flying Squirrel Kit has no superpowers of her own. Trained in Criminology and forensics by the Red Panda, Kit is a capable Detective. Kit's Father trained her in Boxing was known for Left Hook. The Red Panda also trained her several martial arts including Jujitsu and holds at least two black belts. Kit also a accomplished driver and can handle cars with extremely powerful engines. Kit was also trained in the use several firearms, but prefers to use her fists. Kit has several other crime-fighting equipment including Boomerangs and smoke bombs. Kit has a fiery temper which can sometimes lead her in to trouble in which she delights. Kit also uses a form fitting Catsuit that has Flying Membranes which allow her to glide great distances while carrying some weight.


  • Catsuit (interwoven with special alloy that protects against mystical energy and includes retractable Flying Membranes.)
  • Utility Belt (makes her look Hippy)
  • Smoke Bombs
  • Boomerangs
  • Cowl w/ electrical security device to protect identity.
  • Ventriloquator (allows her to throw her voice and mimic other voices)