Frozen Words Thawed
Show Marvellous Boxes
Air Date 15 April 2012
Episode Number 2
Episode Length 34 min
Genre Sci Fi
Director Gregg Taylor
Writer Tim Prasil
Music By [[]]

The second installment of author Tim Prasil's all-new athology series continues our tour of new worlds of the imagination. This week, a reminder that history is written by the victor, and that the strangest gladitorial arenas are often the ones that appear the most civilized. What will happen when we hear... Frozen Words Thawed?

Cast of Characters[edit | edit source]

Dr. Conor Beatty

Dr. Brewster Alfred

Finbar Flannery

Mark Twain

Ellen Terry

Sigmund Freud

Penelope [Verne], the Elderly Woman

Young Woman

Young Man

Cro-Magnon 1

Cro-Magnon 2

Plot[edit | edit source]

An academic conference presentation about the Flannery Recording, a wax cylinder recording alleged to feature an argument between Cro-Magnon men, leads to an argument between scholars.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Cro-Magnon 1: Kay lock! Mall no-nid! Hadee bah! Hadee bah pry tood!

Cro-Magnon 2: Nall! Nall pry tood! Gumpoh! Gumpoh! Tally tood!

Cro-Magnon 1: Nall! Nall gumpoh! Nall tally tood! Hadee bah pry tood!

Cro-Magnon 2: (GROWLS)

Cro-Magnon 1: Kally hone? Kally?

Cro-Magnon 2: Kally hooooooone.

Cro-Magnon 1: Crup doople. Lartz pom rut-rut. Jangy lanra, hoopy hoopy hoopy hoopy!

Cro-Magnon 2: Nall! Gompoh, gompoh! Wingle wadda yup danga rill! 'Hoopy hoopy hoopy hoopy!'

Cro-Magnon 1: (GROWLS)

Cro-Magnon 2: (GROWLS BACK)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The character of Conor Beatty first appeared in DRT's production "Thinking in Ternary," also by Tim Prasil.

The character of Penelope, the elderly woman in the audience, has a much more prominent role as History professor Penelope Verne in "Remembering the Martians," another DTR/Marvellous Boxes episode written by Prasil.

Links[edit | edit source]

Tim Prasil's blog is at, and his facebook page is at

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