The Grey Fox is a Japanese Canadian hero, and friend of the Flying Squirrel


The Grey Fox had only be working as a hero for about a year when she met the Flying Squirrel. The Grey Fox first appeared in Girls' Night Out. She saw the Flying Squirrel's true face, and so the Squirrel responded by promptly knocking her out, removing her mask, and taking her picture and fingerprints. She was surprised to find the girl hero was of Japanese descent. The Grey Fox was understandably angry about the discrimination she and other Canadians faced because of where their parents were from. After a rocky start, the Flying Squirrel and the Grey Fox got along quite well. The Grey Fox seemed to enjoy learning from the more experienced woman by the end of the episode. 

When John Doe suggested that the Grey Fox become the Flying Squirrel's sidekick, the Major informed him that the Grey Fox was now in an internment camp. A revelation which shocked the hero, and apparently disgusted the Major. The Grey Fox had no interest in aiding the country that had forsaken her.


The Grey Fox deeply resents the government and especially the city of Vancouver for throwing her in an internment camp. 

When the Prime Minister pointed out that he was the one who signed the order to allow her to leave the internment camp, she pointed out that he was also the one who sent her there in the first place, so he should not expect any gratitude from her. 

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