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Home Fires
Home Fires
Show Black Jack Justice
Air Date 15 September 2013
Episode Number 55
Episode Length 33 min
Genre Hard boiled Detective
Director Gregg Taylor
Writer Gregg Taylor
Music By [[]]
Players Christopher Mott
Andrea Lyons
Gregg Taylor

A little lost lamb in the big, bad city is hardly a new theme for our intrepid investigators. But with a couple of hundred pounds of strapping small-town lawman distracting the heck out of the Girl Detective, it looks like it's down to Ol' Square-Jaw to keep the Home Fires burning.


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Trixie: Would you deny a starving man a big steak dinner?
Jack: Trixie, just because you have not actually eaten yet this morning does not make you a starving man.
Trixie: Who says I’m not the steak dinner?
Jack: Admit you’re the starving man or I send him back to Dogpatch right now.
Trixie: Alright! I’m the starving man!


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