Jack Rabbit
Age Unknown Presumably Early to mid 20's
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Occupation Former Circus Performer, Burglar and thief
Alias Jacquelyn Lapine(Guess)
First Appearance Red Panda Adventures (03) - Rabbit Season
Affiliated With
Voice Actor Julie Florio

Thief, murderer and speedster all rolled into one. Though the details of her past are somewhat sketchy, it is known that she was an unusually fast circus performer whose speed was further enhanced by the beneficence of the fallen socialite Peter Urskin. Her character has gained depth of late when it was revealed in "The Terrible Two" that she was in love with the Mad Monkey in a villainous mirror image of the relationship between Kit Baxter and the Red Panda.


Formerly a circus performer, the woman known as Jack Rabbit was found by Peter Erskine and used in a revenge plot against Toronto's elite. After being subjected to unknown experiments, Jack Rabbit had her reflexes enhanced to give her super-speed. Jack Rabbit killed Erskine with her enhanced speed after he attempted to double cross her. She was foiled when The Red Panda noticed a pattern and theme to her theft of expensive jewelery, measured in karats.She was captured when the Red Panda temporarily blocked her super-speed with a hypnotic suggestion.

Later She teamed with The Mad Monkey in plot to rob Toronto and frame The Poet. During the adventure she developed feelings for the Mad Monkey which blossomed into love. She was later involved in a trap set for the Red Panda by the Electric Eel. This time she teamed up with The Flying Squirrel for her own reasons, to find the Mad Monkey. She was last seen running toward the Mad Monkey's last location with law enforcement in close pursuit.

Later in A Dish Best Served Cold in is revealed that her relationship with The Mad Monkey came to a messy end upon learning that he had been cheating on her with Professor Zombie .

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jack Rabbit already an accomplished circus performer had her reflexes and muscles enchanced which gave her super-speed. Her top speed has not been officially clocked, But, she was able to go virtually undetected on High-speed cameras. With her speed she is a formidable hand to hand combatant.

Voiced by Julie Florio.


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