Overview[edit | edit source]

The Legion of the Black Hand was an apocalyptic cult.[1] The cult summoned, and was taken over by, The Destroyer who then forced the cult to try to destroy Toronto.

Known Members[edit | edit source]

Marcus Boyce - Status: (More Info needed) When the Red Panda broke the Destroyer's mental control over Boyce, he helped banish the Destroyer back to his home plane and was burned from the inside-out, allong with all the surviving members of the Legion, in the process.Killed when the Destroyer was banished. Voiced by ?.

Gordon Sinclair - Status: (More Info needed) Reluctant member who summons The Destroyer.Blew up the power plant he worked at, killing himself Voiced by ?.

Unnamed Cultist - Status: (More Info needed) Found dead at the gasworks by the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel.DECEASED Voiced by ?. Unnamed Cultist - Status: (More Info needed) Bled to death while standing up at the gasworks, while under the control of the Destroyer.DECEASED Voiced by ?.

Eight Unnamed Cultists - Status: (More Info needed) Knocked out by gas grenades at the gasworks. They all died, by being burned from the inside-out, when the Destroyer was banished.Killed when the Destroyer was banished. Voiced by ?.

The Destroyer - Status: (More Info needed) The thirteenth member of the legion, summoned by the Legion of the Black Hand, this class-six demonic entity was - with some magical assistance - banished from the mortal realm by the Flying Squirrel.BANISHED Voiced by ?.

References[edit source]

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