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{{BJJ Seven}}
{{BJJ Seven}}
'''Season Eight''' 
{{Season|TitleBGColorCode=#FFFFFF|BdrColorCode=#000066|Black Jack Justice|Season=Eight|One=Jawbone of an Asp|Two=Two is Too Many|Three=Those Who Wait|Four=The More Things Change|Five=The Late Mr. Justice|Six=The Empty Desk|image=BJJ.png|}}
== References ==
== References ==

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This is a list of the current episodes of the on-going radio drama, Black Jack Justice, by Decoder Ring Theater. The episodes are divided by season and listed by the release date.

Episode list[]

Season One

Black Jack Justice Season One BJJ.png
Justice Served Cold Justice for SomeJustice Is Blind
Justice DelayedJustice IncorporatedJustice's Holiday
Justice Be DoneJustice and the DelugeNo Justice
Hammer of JusticeJustice in Love and WarJustice and the Happy Ending

Season Two

Black Jack Justice Season Two BJJ.png
The Purloined Format Caper The Trouble With DoublesHow Much Is That Gumshoe..?
The Beefsteak BotherationPalookaville ExpressMixed Blessings

Season Three

Black Jack Justice Season Three BJJ.png
The Purloined Format Caper Sabien's LawTrixie's Pet
The ReunionMuch Ado About NormanDance, Justice, Dance

Season Four

Black Jack Justice Season Four BJJ.png
A Midsummer Night's Noir The Do-Nothing DetectiveThe Family Jewels
No News is Good NewsThe Problem of the Perplexing PasticheNow Who's The Dummy?

Season Five

Black Jack Justice Season Five BJJ.png
Requiem for an Elf Stormy WeatherThe Stopped Clock
The Devil You KnowSmall MerciesJourneys End

Season Six

Black Jack Justice Season Six BJJ.png
Hush Money Auld Lang SyneCops and Robbers
The AlbatrossMan's Best FriendThe Sky's The Limit

Season Seven

Black Jack Justice Season Seven BJJ.png
Mad Dogs and Ambulance Chasers Some Kinda LuckyThe Score
A Simple Case of Black and WhiteTo The Manor BornThe Mark Two Caper

Season Eight 

Black Jack Justice Season Eight BJJ.png
Jawbone of an Asp Two is Too ManyThose Who Wait
The More Things ChangeThe Late Mr. JusticeThe Empty Desk