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This is a list of the current episodes of the on-going radio drama, The Red Panda Adventures, by Decoder Ring Theater. The episodes are divided by season with a link to each season with the number of the show, its title, a short description of the episode, and its original release date.

Episode list Edit

Season OneEdit

15 October 2005 - 10 June 2006

Red Panda Adventures Season One RPA2
Riddle of the Sphinx Night PatrolRabbit Season
The Golden ClawThe Devil's DueDeath Danced at Midnight
Red Panda: Dead or Alive!Curse of Beaton HallThe Shadow Hunter
The Ghost ShipDualityThe Deadliest Game

Season TwoEdit

7 October 2006 - 2 June 2007

Red Panda Adventures Season Two RPA2
The Hand of Fate The Sunday SupplementWhen Darkness Falls
The Sweet ToothMerlin's TombSecret Origins
The Dream FactoryMonkeyshinesThe Big Top
The Black HandThe Hidden DoorThe World Next Door

Season ThreeEdit

22 September 2007 - 17 May 2008

Red Panda Adventures Season Three RPA2
Brimstone Alley A Midwinter's MurderNow, the News
The Opening GambitThe Callaghan MobTis the Season
The Red SquirrelThe Terrible TwoBarton's Charm
The Empty BoxThe Rat LordThe Field Trip

Season FourEdit

6 September 2008 - 15 May 2009

Red Panda Adventures Season Four RPA2
The Third Wave The Mask of DeathMurder In The Castle
The Gathering StormTrial by TerrorThe Boy In Blue
The Golden IdolI Dream of GeniesJungle of Terror
The Crimson DeathThe EndgameOperation: Cold Feet

Season FiveEdit

11 September 2009 - 14 May 2010

Red Panda Adventures Season Five RPA2
Nightshade Flight of the Bumblebee!The Puzzle Master
Just Like Clockwork!Murder Wears a MaskTerror Walks The Night
The Secret CityA Dish Best Served ColdThe Song of the Siren
The Eyes of the IdolSins of the FatherThe Great Fall

Season SixEdit

27 August 2010 - 14 May 2011

Red Panda Adventures Season Six RPA2
The Nose For News The Home TeamThe King of Crime
Rocket ScienceGirls' Night OutBarbarian at the Gates
Sword of the Sun KingSmall WondersStop the Presses
The Wild WestAll The King's MenThere Will Be Rain Tonight

Season SevenEdit

31 August 2011 - 31 July 2012

Red Panda Adventures Season Seven RPA2
From the Ashes The Trojan HorseCity of the Dead
The Milk RunThe Case of the Missing MuseThe Darkness Beyond
Flying BlindMurder From The SkiesThunder Valley
Island of the DamnedVoice From AboveThe Black Heart

Season EightEdit

31 August 2012 - 31 July 2013

Red Panda Adventures Season Eight RPA2
Blue Skies Thirteen at TableThe Missing Links
Last Flight of the ValkyrieThe Lost SheepThe Honoured Dead
The Lab RatsTwo For OneThe Doctor Is In
The RookiePower StruggleThe End of the Beginning

Season NineEdit

31 August 2013 - 31July 2014

Red Panda Adventures Season Nine RPA2
The Phantom The Locked RoomKnight's Gambit
Naughty and NiceThe Chimera ProtocolEmpire of Death


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