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Major/Multiple Appearance Villains

Captain Clockwork
Status: Killed in an explosion..
Captain Clockwork is a tinkerer in robotics and little tin men, similar to The Puppeteer. He was jailed by the Red Panda, and his work was taken and copied by The Genie in his absence. Afterwards, he came back and created nine human-like walking bombs, supposed to detonate near the targets, like the Mayor. The Red Panda stopped him, destroyed eight of the nine bombs and left Clockwork in a comatose state. Later it was discovered that Clockwork was kidnapped by the Nazis as a forced minion. During the Red Panda's amnesia arc, he finds Captain Clockwork has been used and butchered by the Nazis to create automated pilot-less aircraft. After learning of this, The Red Panda is forced to destroy Clockwork to stop the aircraft.
Voice Actor: ? is Captain Clockwork.

Crimson Death
Status:  Defeated by the John Doe.
A supervillain made out of multiple villain's superpowers by the Queen Street Lunatic Sanitarium for the Criminally Deranged in order to capture or kill the Red Panda. Went on to kill the sanitarium's board of directors, but was caught by the Red Panda. Later he formed the Red Panda Revenge Squad to try to kill someone the Red Panda cares for, choosing Harry Kelly. He was later thrown into the death trap, melting his skull mask to his head. Later, he was a minion of Deadly Nightshade and attempts to kill the Flying Squirrel, but John Doe, posing as The Red Panda, crushes his spine, leaving him permanently paralyzed.
Voice Actors: Crimson Death has been voiced by Tim Vant and Christopher Mott.

Electric Eel
Status: Killed by his own alter ego.
Simon Radford, a brilliant inventor turned supervillain with electrical powers. He had the ability to disrupt electrical devices, stun a man with a touch, and throw a limited number of lightening bolts before he had to recharge. There were two incarnations of the villain, one occurring before the start of the RPA and the other in the episode "Duality". Originally, Radford had been held back from reaching his true power by his own fear and his reluctance to kill. The second phase of his villainy actually came after a period of innocence when he underwent hypnotic treatments with Dr. Cornelius Bygot at the Queen St. Lunatic Sanitarium for the Criminally Deranged. Though it appeared that Radford was cured, it is revealed that instead of fixing Radford, Dr. Bygot only succeeded in splitting Radford’s personality into an innocent half and one containing a completely evil Electric Eel. In this second incarnation, he expanded his powers by adapting the Maximillian Gemstones to allow him to shoot beams of raw energy. He was defeated and thought killed during his bid to absorb the awesome power of the Niagara Falls Hydroelectric Dam when the Flying Squirrel destroyed the controls with a boomerang. He later returned in an attempt to trap The Red Panda at the Queen Street Asylum in "Trial by Terror". In "Power Play", the Electric Eel returns, after being completely separated from Simon Radford due to experimentation by the Canadian government to create an anti-Axis superweapon, Simon becoming a moral, understanding man but without emotion, and the Eel becoming an alien, vengeful behemoth of a force with almost eldritch morality. They can still hear each others thoughts and what hurts one hurts the other- this is what leads Radford to finally stop the Eel himself by jumping from a rooftop to his death.
Voice Actor: Scott Moyle is Electric Eel.

The Genie
Status:  Taken away by Canadian Government after the Home Team assassinations.
A supervillain who is terrorizing Toronto at the end of episode 13, "The Hand of Fate". It is later mentioned in episode 20, "Monkeyshines", that he had held Walter Potts captive. He next appeared as a secondary villain in "The Red Squirrel" when he tried to use an electrical disruptor to pull off a daring heist, only to be interrupted by the appearance of the Puppeteer's killbot. His specialties are centered around his (supposed) great intelligence and his many fantastic devices. One of the defining characteristic of the Genie is his incredible arrogance. As the Red Panda put it, "the Genie regards everyone around him as some level of idiot." When World War II began, all of the Red Pandas old enemies were taken by the government to avoid them from falling into Nazi hands. Rather than waiting out the war in a cell, the Genie was offered the chance to become the scientific advisory to a super group known as the Home Team. It should be noted the Genies help is not a change of heart, but as the genie says, "I traded one cage for another, but this one has nicer toys"
Voice Actor: Brian Vaughn is The Genie.

Golden Claw
Status: Transfered her soul to the 'Margret Horace' bodyShot to death by Andy Parker and others.
A criminal mastermind who managed to merge most of the gangs in Toronto under her control. She was expanding into the protection market when she was stopped by the Red Panda and sent to jail. Even in prison, she still had influence, as was evidenced by her scheme to discredit the Red Panda in "Red Panda: Dead or Alive".
The Golden Claw escaped from prison, only to reappear wearing a stolen body gained through dark magic. At last mention, she was one of the criminals captured in the heroic double-cross at the end of "The Hidden Door." She returns, revealing herself as one of the supervillains helping Commander Varkin and The Syndicate. She then betrays Varkin and leaves Toronto for dead, and ends up getting shot to death by Constable Andy Parker and others.
Voice Actors: Golden Claw has been voiced by Shannon Arnold and Monica Coté.

Jack Rabbit
Status: Unknown
Thief, murderer and speedster all rolled into one. Though the details of her past are somewhat sketchy, it is known that she was an unusually fast circus performer whose speed was further enhanced by the beneficence of the fallen socialite Peter Urskin. Her character has gained depth of late when it was revealed in "The Terrible Two" that she was in love with the Mad Monkey in a villainous mirror image of the relationship between Kit Baxter and the Red Panda.
Voice Actor: Julie Florio is Jack Rabbit.

Kid Chaos
Super-foe alluded to at least twice in untold adventures. Prior to episode 12, "The Deadliest Game", The Red Panda is said to have traveled back in time with a cadre of heroes to stop him from changing history. He makes his first real appearance in "The Opening Gambit" on the payroll of the sinister Syndicate. It is unknown if he has any superhuman abilities, but he has displayed a fondness for bizarre traps and over-elaborate schemes. His relationship with the Red Panda is possibly a reference to Batman and the Joker. He appeared to have died in the explosion at the end of “The Opening Gambit”, but it was noted that Kid Chaos is notoriously difficult to kill and has reappeared four times after being seemingly defeated for good.
Voice Actor: Peter Nicol is Kid Chaos.

Mad Monkey
Status: Unknown
Insane simian-themed lunatic and self-proclaimed arch-nemesis of the Red Panda. He possesses the limited mental ability to communicate with baboons. His name was originally Anton Creswell. He was a representative for a trading company dealing in Africa when his plane went down, leaving him the only survivor. In the six years before he was rescued he lived with the baboons of the Savannah. Afterwards, he claimed the ability to speak to them. He was quite a hit on the lecture circuit for a while, until other "Wild Men", like the orphaned English lord who could talk to apes, drew attention away from him. He was quickly forgotten. He then disappeared for years before reappearing as the Mad Monkey. Creswell was originally a sane man, but his powers involved more than just mind-control over the baboons. He can actually hear the thoughts of baboons. He hears them all the time, all their anger, all their rage at captivity. He becomes the nexus of the hive, gives them focus and civilizes them. However, he can never escape the draw of their more...basic instincts. This relentless mental assault rendered him completely insane. Recently, it has been revealed that his powers have grown and he now has the ability to control humans by utilizing the vestiges of the primate brain structure that remains in in the recesses of the mind. His character deepens further when it is revealed in the end of "The Terrible Two" that he is in love with the villainess Jackrabbit.
Voice Actor: Christopher Mott is Mad Monkey.

Mordriel the Malevolent
Status: Unknown
A Faustian user of dark magic bound to shadow. He is obsessed with the quest to retrieve the eight fragments of an ancient artifact. Its completion would free him from the ancient agreement that bound him to the shadow in the first place while keeping his powers intact. Temporarily banished to another realm by long-time enemy The Stranger, he later reappeared as Mordoc, a mysterious shopkeeper bearing cursed trinkets, in "Barton's Charm". It is eventually revealed that he is another supervillain in the employ of the shadowy Syndicate in their grand scheme of dominance. At last mention he had been taken into custody by the Council of Mages
Voice Actor: Steven Burley is Mordriel the Malevolent.

The Poet
Status: Unknown
The Pompous Pirate of the Pen, the Poet is a notorious supervillain who commits crimes with a literary theme. To the Poet, crime is almost an art form. All of the clues he sends to the authorities are carefully and beautifully done, be they hand-bound parchments or billboards that border on murals. He once wrote a 140-stanza ode to the contents of the vault at the main branch of the Empire Bank. He printed copies, had them hand bound, and delivered them to every library in the city two hours before he robbed the place. His poetic skill is unrivaled, and he considers himself a modern-day Shakespeare. As the Red Panda put it, "He's not far wrong. The sonnets he wrote to taunt the authorities in the Moretti kidnapping are still taught at the University as some of the most perfect examples of the form written in a hundred years." To go along with this Shakespearean theme, the Poet is lover of all things English, and even puts on a bad English accent. To quote the Flying Squirrel, "He's an Anglophile, and a complete snob to boot." Though mentioned multiple times, his only actual appearance was as a momentary disruption to the Mad Monkey's plans in "The Terrible Two." He was almost immediately recaptured by the Red Panda.
Voice Actor: Michael Booth is The Poet.

Professor Zombie
Status: Unknown
Antonia Zombanistro, a scientist, necromancer and inventor of the chemical Necronium 234, which has the power to turn people into zombies. In the banter between Professor Zombie and the Red Panda in "Night Patrol" it is hinted that they might have had a more complicated relationship in the past.
Voice Actor: Andrea Lyons is Professor Zombie.

Nazi-Themed Supervillains and Pseudovillains

Professor Friedrich von Schlitz
Status: Unknown
A brilliant German professor and chief scientific officer for the German Reich who may also be heavily involved with preparing new and dangerous weaponry for the growing Nazi war machine. Warnings of his future malevolence were provided to the Red Panda by Baboon McSmoothie. It is left unclear if Von Schlitz would have have actually become a villain like his counterpart Von Schlick, leaving the possibility that the theft of his invention in "The World Next Door" sent him down the path of evil. Von Schlitz was behind a plot to steal the American dirigible "Melchior", fill it with explosive gas and explode it over the city of Toronto. Von Schlitz also almost killed the Flying Squirrel in the season three finale; she survived thanks to the anti-magic shield provided by Dr. Chronopolis, but currently, Von Schlitz thinks she is dead. Von Schlitz stood to be the major villain in upcoming episodes of the Red Panda. However, in the opening episode of Season Four, an old ally of the Red Panda flew him into the side of a mountain, presumably in the Andes. It later turns out he was alive and bringing back an army of dinosaurs from a bubble universe. He once again was presumed taken care of until he came back and destroyed the Council of Mages in an attempt to take several artifacts of great power. While none of the Red Pandas enemies truly take on the role of arch-enemy, Von-Schlitz has definitely come the closest. No other villain has appeared in as many episodes, and it is clear none of the other villains are as hated by the Red Panda as he is
Voice Actor: M. John Kennedy is Professor Friedrich von Schlitz.

Status: Unknown
An underling of Friedrich von Schlitz and major player of Fifth Column Nazi operations in Canada. His long term goal is to whittle away Canada's resources from the inside and using it to make Nazi Germany more powerful. He never does the dirty work himself and always sends stand ins to blow themselves up. In the end, the true Archangel was captured with the help of Harry Kelly.
Voice Actor: ? is Archangel.

Deadly Nightshade
Status:  Taken into Canadian custody by The Red Ensign.
A German hired assassin who uses Deadly Nightshade to kill people. She is solely responsible for a German traitor, the explosion of the Hindenburg, and was also hired to kill the Red Panda. Mistook the Red Panda for Brian McSweeney, Man of 1000 Faces. Presumably died in the Hindenberg explosion. However, it is discovered in the season six finale that she is alive and well, replaced ArcAngel, and ordered most of the members of the Home Team assassinated.
Voice Actor: Andrea Lyons is Deadly Nightshade.

The King of Crime
Status: Shot dead by his own minions at once.
A Nazi agent who organizes all the crime in the Toronto area, with a percentage of the profits going to the Nazi army. Uses feudalism to organize the thugs and has an overly insane Regal manner in order to make people believe he is just a supervillain. Kidnapped the Editor of the Chronicle and almost had him killed, but was shot to death by all his subjects after the Red Panda told them about his true motive.
Voice Actor: Christopher Mott is The King of Crime.

Puzzle Master
Status:  In Jail
A skilled hypnotist and fan of puzzles, this man is a wannabe supervillain working for Dr. Schlitz and the Nazi army. He uses his punishingly large maze created out of the victims' minds, giving them an impossible cipher, giving them false hope that they might make it out. Each time the victims fail, he increases the heat and brightness until the victim surrenders plans that could be given to the Nazi army.
Voice Actor: ? is Puzzle Master.

Dorothy Dynamite
Status: Shot to death then was incinerated by her own dynamite.
An explosives-themed agent of the Nazi Army who uses dynamite and other explosives to take down cities, trains, etc. She was attempting to use an untested grade of explosives into Manitoba, destroying the city, but was killed by Doc Rocket, an agent of the Home Team, who causes the train to fall into a gorge, to the Red Panda's frustration, as she was about to tell him about all Nazi operations.
Voice Actor: Andrea Lyons is Dorothy Dynamite.

The Blue Thorn
Status: Pierced in the throat with his own thorn.
A grotesquely plantlike man with enhanced strength. He can use the vines that are now a part of his body to attack, as well as his many projectile thorns, hence the name. He used to be a supervillain who reigned terror in Warsaw, before being captured by Von Schlitz for gladitorial combat. He was killed by The Red Panda and Parker's Rangers when he is pierced in the neck with his own thorn.
Voice Actor: ?? is The Blue Thorn.

The Valkyrie
Status: Unknown
A large, flying helicarrier created by the Nazis to launch a strike on the United States and Canada. It was a thinking machine, and eventually concluded that the humans onboard the vessel would disrupt the program. It had an army of maintenance bots and used two surviving humans as its servants. In the end, it finally grew to understand the complexity of human life and went off into space to study the rest of the cosmos.
Voice Actor: ? is The Valkyrie.

Lesser or One-Time Supervillains

Ajay Shah
Status: Presumed Dead
A master hypnotist mentioned in "The Golden Idol"[1]
Voice Actor: ? is Ajay Shah.

Cobalt Burns
Status:  Was knocked out by Jack Rabbit
A very small supervillain with heat powers similar to Lava Lady in "Trial By Jury". Almost killed the Flying Squirrel until Jack Rabbit knocked him out. He's one of the dozens of villains whose powers were partially transferred into the Crimson Death.
Voice Actor: ? is Cobalt Burns.

Doctor Bumblebee
Status: Working for the Canadian Government
Doctor Darius, inventor, Scientist and ex-con. Now he works for the Canadian Government.
Voice Actor: ? is Doctor Bumblebee.

Status:  Presumed still in jail.
A supervillain interrogated by the Flying Squirrel in the episode "The Crimson Death". Was one of the dozens of villains whose powers were partially transferred to the Crimson Death. Possesses the power of ventriloquism and can mimic any voice. The Flying Squirrel noted that factually, she should really be called the Mynah Bird, but she retorted that the name sounded stupid.
Voice Actor: ? is Mockingbird.

Mrs. Mynack
A seemingly harmless candy-shop owner who appeared almost overnight in “The Sweet Tooth”. It is soon revealed that her candies were actually laced with addictive, will-weakening chemicals that turned her customers into willing slaves. Instead of being an innocent shopkeeper, Mynack was actually an ancient alchemist seeking eternal life. It appears that her intentions were originally altruistic, but as she approached her own death, she took desperate measures: she began to steal the life force/soul of young women around her to extend her own life. It is unknown how she accomplished this in centuries past, but in the present she used a great machine that drained the life force from her victims and transferred it to her. She was killed when the Red Panda reversed the machine to return the stolen life. Currently, her dried remains lie with Dr. Chronopolis for further study.
Voice Actor: Lesley Livingston is Mrs. Mynack.

Colonel Barker Winston Smith
Colonel Smith is a prize big game hunter who grew weary of hunting down animals, and has since taken up hunting humans. He has hunted military, law enforcement, and other masked mystery men, and has probably killed each and every one of them. After setting a trap for the Red Panda, he shoots his hunting guide and then kills himself after finally being defeated.
Voice Actor: Brian Vaughn is Colonel Barker Winston Smith.

The Maestro
Status: Killed by his own formula.
Arthur Maestro is a gang boss and criminal mastermind with a level of competence in biochemistry. Besides creating a swarm of zombified microbes as an "audition" to the Nazis, it is unknown whether he was originally a gang boss or an orchestra-themed supervillain prior to his death.
Voice Actor: ? is The Maestro.

Nick Diablos
Status:  Hypnotized and in a catatonic nightmare
A master hypnotist and manipulator. He would meet promising individuals in different fields and use his powers to convince them that he was the Devil. He promised that if they would sign a contract in blood, he would use his malevolent might to give them all the power they could grab. Once they agreed, he implanted a post-hypnotic suggestion to make them believe that he was the source of their success, when in fact it was their own abilities that got them where they were. For years he sat in the shadows like a spider on a web, collecting the money, favors, and power from his "clients". There was one flaw in his plan, however. The post-hypnotic suggestions could not last forever, and after twenty-two years the effects had begun to fade. Suddenly, his "clients" realized that Diablos and his powers were fake and they stopped paying. He soon struck back at those who had betrayed him, using his hypnotic powers to lock them into a catatonic state where they were haunted by their mind's greatest fears. Despite his incredible hypnotic skill, he was no match for the mind-altering might of the Red Panda and was soon locked in a catatonic nightmare of his own. At last mention he was incarcerated at the Queen Street Lunatic Sanitarium for the Criminally Deranged.
Voice Actor: Gregory Z. Cooke is Nick Diablos.

The Rat Lord
Status: Unknown
A greedy, cowardly villain who used children with troubled backgrounds to commit his crimes for him. He manipulated them by playing to their fears of losing their homes and their loved ones until the Red Panda and Harry Kelly both put an end to his crime spree by causing an uprising amongst the children.
Voice Actor: ? is The Rat Lord.

Professor Hex
Status: Unknown
A brilliant, world-traveling professor of entomology named John Erikson who first appears in "The Empty Box". He is driven to crime when the University cuts funding to his research and he strikes back with a devilish plan revolving around a small-time crook and mystical promises of vengeance.
Voice Actor: M. John Kennedy is Professor Hex.

The Sphinx
Status:  In Jail
Mike Murtoch, a master safe-cracker turned teleporting cat burglar with the supernatural aid of an ancient Egyptian amulet and a pair of mystic sapphires. He also bore the powerful Ankh of Sutech, which has the ability to instantly mummify any living flesh it touches.
Voice Actor: M. John Kennedy is The Sphinx.

The Vapor
Status: Lobotomized
Was once a major supervillain who fought the Red Panda many a time with his ability to bend light around him, to make him seem invisible. Was one of the unfortunate victims of the Sanitarium he was sent to, as he was lobotomized, giving his powers to the Crimson Death. However, the effects caused permanent brain damage.
Voice Actor: ? is The Vapor.

Gangs and Cults

The Scorelli Crime Family
The biggest crime boss in the city, Tony Scorelli is the head of the Scorelli gang. Provided the Red Panda with a signed confession in exchange for help against Nick Diablos.[2]
List of Known Members

      Boss: Tony Scorelli In Jail
      "Mugsy" - Member of the Scorelli Crime Family, missing a few teeth thanks to The Flying Squirrel[2].
      Jake - Member of Scorelli's gang, staged a phony stick-up with "Mugsy" to get the attention of The Flying Squirrel.

The Syndicate
A criminal enterprise dedicated to bringing about a new world order. Along with traditional methods, they have no problem with employing supervillains such as Kid Chaos[3] and Mordriel the Malevolent[4] to further their schemes.
List of Known Members

      Commander Varkin - European "Ghost Ship" Captain with ties to a mysterious organization with a "great cause" and desire to "bring justice to the whole world". Voiced by Gregory Z. Cooke

Legion of the Black Hand
The Legion of the Black Hand was an apocalyptic cult.[5] The cult summoned, and was taken over by, The Destroyer who then forced the cult to try to destroy Toronto.DESTROYED[5]
List of Known Members

      Marcus Boyce - Status: Killed when the Destroyer was banished. When the Red Panda broke the Destroyer's mental control over Boyce, he helped banish the Destroyer back to his home plane and was burned from the inside-out, allong with all the surviving members of the Legion, in the process. Voiced by ?.
      Gordon Sinclair - Status: Blew up the power plant he worked at, killing himself Reluctant member who summons The Destroyer. Voiced by ?.
      Unnamed Cultist - Status: DECEASED Found dead at the gasworks by the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel. Voiced by ?.
      Unnamed Cultist - Status: DECEASED Bled to death while standing up at the gasworks, while under the control of the Destroyer. Voiced by ?.
      Eight Unnamed Cultists - Status: Killed when the Destroyer was banished. Knocked out by gas grenades at the gasworks. They all died, by being burned from the inside-out, when the Destroyer was banished. Voiced by ?.
      The Destroyer - Status: Seemingly killed by the Red Panda. The thirteenth member of the legion, summoned by the Legion of the Black Hand, this class-six demonic entity was - with some magical assistance - banished from the mortal realm by the Flying Squirrel. It was later used by the Nazis to create impenetrable barriers of mystical energy. The Red Panda ultimately killed The Destroyer to stop the Nazis. Voiced by ?.

Minor Criminals and Flunkies

"Fingers" McCoy
Status: Unknown
Informant and betrayer of the Flying Squirrel[6]
Voice Actor: ? is "Fingers" McCoy.

"Peepers" Scranton
Status: Unknown
"Well connected underworld weasel."[7]
Voice Actor: ? is "Peepers" Scranton.

"Lefty" Maxwell
Status: Unknown
Beaten up by the Red Panda while following Margret Horace.[8] Then interrogated by the Flying Squirrel.
Voice Actor: ? is "Lefty" Maxwell.

Foes Mentioned But Never Seen

Crime Doctor
Status: Unknown
Voice Actor: ? is Crime Doctor.

Dr. Darkness
Status: Unknown
Doctor Darkness is an unknown villain. He is an actual doctor, but over an e-mail Gregg Taylor speculated he may be the villain of a future Red Panda novel, like Ajay Shah. Powers unknown.
Voice Actor: ? is Dr. Darkness.

Lava Lady
Status:  Currently serving eight years in Saskatchewan
Currently serving eight years in Saskatchewan. Unsurprisingly, it has been revealed that she possesses heat powers of some kind. However, it is possible that by Season Seven she may have served her sentence. And over an e-mail, Gregg Taylor reported she or another unseen foe will appear in Season Seven.
Voice Actor: ? is Lava Lady.

The Puppeteer
Status:  Presumed Jailed in the future by Time Regulators
A time traveler and assumed puppet maker, has the power to create robots and while not a true foe of the Red Panda, he did try to kill him in the episode "The Red Squirrel". Is an enemy of Kit Baxter's great great granddaughter the Red Squirrel.
Voice Actor: ? is The Puppeteer.


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