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==Season Two==
==Season Two==
{{DRTSS Two}}
{{DRTSS Two}}
==Season Two==
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{{Episode|Date=29 May 2009|Number=7|Title=The Knightmare pt 1|Description=From New Pulp Media Baron [[Bill Cunningham]] comes this thrilling tale of adventure in 1940's Hollywood!<br/>Since the dawn of time, mankind has been protected by the shadow warrior known only as '''The Knightmare'''<ref name=DRTSS7>Cunningham, Bill. The Knightmare. Podcast. dir. Decoder Ring Theatre. Toronto, ON. 2009.</ref>. The Master of Fear, he uses his uncanny powers in the defense of justice. But can even The Knightmare resist the sinister powers of Hitler's elite super-soliders... the Murder Legion?|}}
{{Episode|Date=12 June 2009|Number=8|Title=The Knightmare pt 2|Description=The Knightmare races to Carol Lane's rescue as the top-secret Nazi shock troops of the Murder Legion strike at the reception at the Griffiths Observatory. Can The Knightmare<ref name=DRTSS7>Cunningham, Bill. The Knightmare. Podcast. dir. Decoder Ring Theatre. Toronto, ON. 2009.</ref> elude the vengeful Lt. McGrath and escape the attacks of fantastic weapons developed in Hitler's evil laboratories? Tune in and find out!|}}
{{Episode|Date=26 June 2009|Number=9|Title=Blaze Bing, Rodeo King|Description=Thrill once again to the thunder of hoofbeats and the roar of blazing six-guns as the Decoder Ring Theatre Summer showcase presents the first in a pair of Western Adventure tales from the imagination of [[Phil Bledsoe]]! This week, we present tale of the old west right out of the golden age of radio drama with '''Blaze Bing, Rodeo King!'''<ref name=DRTSS9>Bledsoe, Phil. Blaze Bing, Rodeo King!. Podcast. dir. Decoder Ring Theatre. Toronto, ON. 2009.</ref>|}}
{{Episode|Date=10 July 2009|Number=10|Title=Tales of the Rodeo King|Description=[[Phil Bledsoe]]'s iconic hero Blaze Bing, Rodeo King was brought to us just two weeks ago. But behind evey tale of heroes is another story. Sometimes darker, sometimes sadder, but always unexpected. This week we bring you just such a tale with '''Tales of the Rodeo King!'''<ref name=DRTSS10>Bledsoe, Phil. Tales of the Rodeo King!. Podcast. dir. Decoder Ring Theatre. Toronto, ON. 2009.</ref>|}}
{{Episode|Date=24 July 2009|Number=11|Title=Spotlight on Icebox|Description=Our pals from International Falls, Minnesota sit in with the band this week as the first of two Spotlight episodes we'll be bringing you this summer shines on the good folks from [ Icebox Radio Theatre]. Beat the heat with this tale that is Chilling in more ways than one. The Icebox Radio Theatre production of '''Thing On The Ice!'''<ref name=DRTSS11>Thing On The Ice!. Podcast. Icebox Radio Theatre. International Falls, MN. 2009.</ref>|}}
{{Episode|Date=7 August 2009|Number=12|Title=Thinking in Ternary|Description=From [[Tim Prasil]], author of "[[Magic of the Movies]]" and "[[The Crasher]]", our showcase presents this thoughtful and engaging tale. What makes a mind? Is it the ability to calculate? To learn? Or without the power of the imagination is there something missing essential to life itself? And if we suddenly found ourselves able to create such a life.... what would we say to it? We present for your consideration... '''Thinking In Ternary.'''<ref name=DRTSS12>Prasil, Tim. Thinking In Ternary. Podcast. dir. Decoder Ring Theatre. Toronto, ON. 2009.</ref>|}}
{{Episode|Date=21 August 2009|Number=13|Title=Shinkei|Description=Are there any two phrases in the English language that offer as much delight at "mildly dystopian" and "not-too-distant future"? If there are, they can only be "career criminal" and "one last big score". And yet for all those comfortable tropes, expect the unexpected from...''' Shinkei!'''|}}
==Season Three==
==Season Three==

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Season One

Summer Showcase Season One SummerSC
The Magic of the Movies The CrasherDeck Gibson and the Stardust Dancers
Deck Gibson and the Last Squadron FighterI.D.0Slick Bracer and the Giant Nap

Season Two

Summer Showcase Season Two DRTSSII
Deck Gibson/Room with No View Deck Gibson/Tundra of Terror
Deck Gibson/Court of EternityDeck Gibson/Plutonium Man
Deck Gibson/End of the Universe pt1Deck Gibson/End of the Universe pt2

Season Three

# Title Description Release Date
"Play It Again! - No Justice"
The first in our series of Summer Delights featuring favorite scripts as selected by you, the listener! The only caveat to these tales so nice we told 'em twice is that no one, and I mean no one, can play the same part the second time around. So marvel at the path not taken with Julie Cogger as Trixie Dixon and Gregg Taylor as Jack Justice as we.... Play It Again!
1 June 2010


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