The Mad Monkey
Red panda's "nemesis"
Anton Creswell
First appearance
Red Panda Adventures (20)- MonkeyShines
Affiliated with
Jack Rabbit (Formerly)
Monkey Shaped Zeppelin (guess)
Voice Actor
Christopher Mott

The Mad MonkeyEdit

"Archangel has a date with --" "The Mad Monkey!!(laughs). Oh, don't look at me like that, I just  wanted to see how it sounds."

-The Red Panda and the Mad Monkey.

Insane simian-themed lunatic and self-proclaimed arch-nemesis of the Red Panda. The Mad Monkey is a major supervillain in the Red Panda Adventures. He is a complete lunatic, with a flair for babboons and the dramatic. He has hypnotic powers that rival August Fenwick's, and he often rides into town on a monkey shaped zeppelin tossing coconut bombs.


Originally Anton Creswell. He was a representative for a trading company dealing in Africa when his plane went down, leaving him the only survivor. In the six years before he was rescued he lived with the baboons of the Savannah. Afterwards, he claimed the ability to speak to them. He was quite a hit on the lecture circuit for a while, until other "Wild Men", like the orphaned English lord who could talk to apes, drew attention away from him. He was quickly forgotten. He then disappeared for years before reappearing as the Mad Monkey.

Creswell was originally a sane man, but his powers involved more than just mind-control over the baboons. He can actually hear the thoughts of baboons. He hears them all the time, all their anger, all their rage at captivity. He becomes the nexus of the hive, gives them focus and civilizes them. However, he can never escape the draw of their more...basic instincts. This relentless mental assault rendered him completely insane. Recently, it has been revealed that his powers have grown and he now has the ability to control humans by utilizing the vestiges of the primate brain structure that remains in in the recesses of the mind.

His character deepens further when it is revealed in the end of "The Terrible Two" that he is in love with the villainess Jackrabbit. It is later revealed that he cheated on Jackrabbit with Professor Zombie. Over the coarse of the series his powers have steadily increased. he went from controlling only baboons to a limited control over humans to a uncontrolled hypnotic call to an ability to expand the range and power of any hypnotic command exponentially.

In a small act of patriotism the Mad Monkey agreed to enact a hiatus on his crime spree while the country was at war by only after pulling off one last great caper in the episode Stop the Presses

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Mad Monkey found his powers by tapping into the minds of an army of babboons. By tuning to human mind frequencies, he found that he could hypnotize them


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