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Mask of the Red Panda is a comic book, an adventure story and a love letter to the classic hero pulp adventures, the golden age of comics, the classic radio adventure heroes of the 30s and 40s and those wonderful Saturday morning serial films of a bygone age. The heroes of our story are the masked protectors of Depression-era Toronto, and some of you will know the Terrific Twosome as the heroes of the long-running Red Panda Adventures radio drama series from Decoder Ring Theatre, and the prose pulp novels in the Tales of the Red Panda series. But you certainly don't have to have traveled that far with us to enjoy these new adventures![1]


Issue Published In-Universe Date
#1 27 February 2013 TBA
#2 27 March 2013 TBA
#3 27 April 2013 TBA



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