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Show The Red Panda Adventures
Air Date 7 April 2007
Episode Number 20
Episode Length 30 min
Genre Superhero Adventure
Director Gregg Taylor
Writer Gregg Taylor
Music By Andrea Lyons
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Sometimes crime is so easy to spot. The thug in the alleyway, the mugger on the street... And other times the strangest little things can turn out to be the most sinister. Say... five hundred pounds of bananas that vanish into thin air. Or a load of plastic coconuts. Crimes on a theme? A new menace taking shape? Or is it a simple case of... Monkeyshines?


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Coming Soon!


This episode introduces the Red Panda's long-term nemesis, the Mad Monkey.

In this episode the Red Panda makes references to the possible existance of Tarzan ("lost English lord who could talk to apes") and Mowgli ("boy raised by wolves") within the "Panda-verse."


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