Mordriel the Malevolent
Age +100
Height  ?
Weight  ?
Occupation Dark Mage
First Appearance Red Panda Adventures (17) - Merlin's Tomb
Affiliated With  ?
Homebase  ?
Voice Actor Steven Burley
 A Faustian user of dark magic bound to shadow. He is obsessed with the quest to retrieve the eight fragments of an ancient artifact. Its completion would free him from the ancient agreement that bound him to the shadow in the first place while keeping his powers intact. Temporarily banished to another realm by long-time enemy, The Stranger. He later reappeared as Mordoc, a mysterious shopkeeper bearing cursed trinkets, in "Barton's Charm".

It is eventually revealed that he is another supervillain in the employ of the shadowy Syndicate in their grand scheme of dominance. He reappears again in A Dish Best Served Cold as a member of a super villian team-up committed to riding themselves of the Red Panda once and for all. He is the one who captures Harry Kelly to use as bait in the trap.

At last mention he had been taken into custody by the Council of Mages.

Voiced by Steven Burley

Powers and Abilities Edit

Mordriel along with understanding of the dark powers also has the ability to consume people and items in darkness and transport them to a different location.


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