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Night Patrol
Show The Red Panda Adventures
Webpage Night Patrol
Air Date 29 October 2005
Episode Number 2
Episode Length 26 min
Genre Superhero Adventure
Director Gregg Taylor
Writer Gregg Taylor
Music By Andrea Lyons
Players Peter Nicol
Scott Moyle
Jonathan Llyr
Shannon Arnold
Michael Booth
Andrea Lyons
Clarissa Der Nederlanden
Gregg Taylor

What do superheroes do when they dont have a case? Why they go out looking for trouble of course! They'll find more than they bargained for when The Red Pandas new sidekick Kit Baxter, The Flying Squirrel joins her partner on her very first Night Patrol[1]!


The Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel go on a typical night patrol, stopping muggings and other crimes, stumbling upon a plot by Professor Zombie to turn Toronto's rich and powerful, attending a concert at Massey Hall, into zombies.


Cast of Characters[]

Character status is as of the end of this episode

Major Characters[]

The Narrator - Status: All Powerful The all knowing narrator. Voiced by Steven Burley.

The Red Panda - Status: Alive and Well Voiced by Gregg Taylor.

The Flying Squirrel - Status: Alive and Well The Red Panda's Sidekick. Voiced by Clarissa Der Nederlanden Taylor.

Professor Zombie - Status:  In Jail Antonia Zombanistro, scientist, necromancer and supervillain-ess. Voiced by Andrea Lyons.

Minor Characters[]

"Man in Gray Cap" - Status:  safer than being in the same room with the Flying Squirrel Tries to mug an unknown female; tells the Flying Squirrel about Professor Zombie after she beats him up. Voiced by Jonathan Llyr.

"Woman in Heels" - Status: Alive and Well Would-be victim of "man in gray cap". Voiced by Shannon Arnold.

Morelli - Status:  tied up by the Red Panda and Flying Squirrel Leader of a gang of muggers. Voiced by Scott Moyle.

"Jonesy" - Status:  tied up by the Red Panda and Flying Squirrel Member of Morelli's gang. Voiced by [[]].

"Newsie" - Status: Alive and Well Voiced by Shannon Arnold.

"Emcee" - Status: Alive and Well The host at Massey Hall. Voiced by Michael Booth.

"Man" - Status: Alive and Well Victim of a criminal gang; saved by the Red Panda and Flying Squirrel. Voiced by Peter Nicol.

The Mayor - Status: Alive and Well In attendance at Massey Hall concert; suspects the Red Panda and Flying Squirrel to be Prof Zombie's accomplices. Voiced by [[]].

"Various Citizens and Crooks" - Status: Alive and Well Assorted uncredited one-line roles. Voiced by The Company.


Coming Soon!


"In this line of work, alliteration is their way of saying they like you." - The Red Panda to The Flying Squirrel on her first appearance in a newspaper story.

"Lunatic in Mask Foils Bank Heist" - The Red Panda's first newspaper headline


- "Oh, good, I was waiting for the tricky part." - The Flying Squirrel


Second episode of the Red Panda Adventures.

First appearance of Professor Zombie.

First 'Night Patrol' for the Flying Squirrel.

The Red Panda used to have Kit drive him out at night for his solo night patrols.

First appearance in which the Static Shoes are used for jumping (the Red Panda leaps 40 feet with help from the static shoes; the controls are built into his gauntlets. He is building a similar set for the Flying Squirrel.

First time in the show (and not the last!) that the Flying Squirrel takes down a bad guy.

Professor Zombie had previously been in prison.

She had seven zombie henchmen with her on this job.

Zombie's attack was at Massey Hall, at a concert featuring Anton Spevak, who she killed.

Fenwick was supposed to meet "Victoria" at the concert; this was the third time he stood her up.

Untold Adventures Mentioned[]

The Red Panda had foiled a bank heist (possible reference to Secret Origins?)



  1. Taylor, Gregg. Red Panda Adventures episode 2: Night Patrol. Podcast. dir. and prod. Decoder Ring Theatre. Toronto, ON. 2005

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