Play It Again! - No Justice
Show Summer Showcase
Air Date 1 June, 2010
Episode Number 14
Episode Length 24 min
Genre Hard boiled Detective
Director Gregg Taylor
Writer Gregg Taylor
Music By ?
Players  ?

Podcast DescriptionEdit

The first in our series of Summer Delights featuring favorite scripts as selected by you, the listener! The only caveat to these tales so nice we told 'em twice is that no one, and I mean no one, can play the same part the second time around. So marvel at the path not taken with Julie Cogger as Trixie Dixon and Gregg Taylor as Jack Justice as we.... Play It Again!

It was the end of an uncharacteristic flurry of activity at the mighty world headquarters of Jack Justice Investigations. Trixie was crossing the final i's and dotting the final t's when she looked up and realized Jack was nowhere to be found. And he'd taken their old snitch Freddie the Finger Hawthorne with him into the ether. Sometimes a gal's just got to look a gift horse in the mouth , and if she ever wants to see ol' square jaw sashay in the front door again, this is one of those times. But can she and her "new partner" keep away from each other's throats long enough to turn up her old one, or is this the beginning of life with No Justice?

Overview Edit

Jack and Freddy are taken by "Chick" Mason to find the location of some money that can be used as evidence against Mason.

Characters Edit

Character Status is as of the end of the episode

Major Characters Edit

Jack Justice - Status: Alive and Well Owner and co-founder of "Justice and Dixon: Private Investigations". "Black Jack" Justice is a grizzled, hard-boiled private detective and one of the two protagonists of the series. Voiced by Gregg Taylor.

Trixie Dixon - Status: Alive and Well Owner and co-founder of "Justice and Dixon: Private Investigations". Before working with Justice, Dixon worked on her own, though little information has been revealed about this particular time period. Voiced by Julie Cogger.

Lt. Vic Sabian - Status: Alive and Well A Lieutenant who doesn't like Jack, but is willing to work with him to take down bigger threats. Gets along just fine with Trixie, who has to step-in from time to time to stop the two from beating each other senseless. Voiced by Christopher Mott.

"Chick" Mason - Status: (More Info needed) Voiced by Scott Moyle.

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