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Plotting for Perfection
Show Marvellous Boxes
Air Date 15 June 2012
Episode Number 4
Episode Length 33 min
Genre Sci Fi
Director Gregg Taylor
Writer Tim Prasil
Music By Tim Prasil

This week, author Tim Prasil's "Marvellous Box" contains the ultimate gift: the do-over. Admit it, if you were allowed one, it wouldn't take you long to decide how to spend it. But what if you could have a do-over for your do-over? And if you didn't like how that played out, could you do that one over too? Would you ever get around to living your life, or would you just be... Plotting for Perfection?

Cast of Characters[]

Brent, the photographer

Beth Marzyck, the future inventor of the light accellorator

Ryan Loomis, an editor of science textbooks




Linda's fiancé

Linda's sister


Brent is a photographer who wonders if accelerating light itself could make it pass backward in time. He sets out photo paper and waits for images and messages from the future to arrive. They do! But his future self thinks there are more important matters than the names of winning race horses.


BETH: Well, each scientific discovery is just another step in the process. But a piece of art! That's permanent. It must be made perfect!

BETH: Ya know what members of the scientific community call guys like Ryan Loomis?

BRENT: What?

BETH: Jerks!

BARTENDER: Well, look who's back! It's Dorian Gray!


The unnamed University of Washington researcher working in sending light back in time is John Cramer.

Brent meets the man he's about to murder in a Hollywood bar called The Confidant. This bar first appeared in Tim Prasil's "The Magic of the Movies," also produced by Decorder Ring Theatre.

This story is Prasil's adaptation of his own short story, which was published about a decade earlier. A .pdf of that short story is available at Prasil's website (see below).


Tim Prasil's blog is at, and his facebook page is at

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