Professor Friedrich von Schlitz
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Occupation Nazi Scientist
Alias Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
Affiliated With Nazi Party
Voice Actor M. John Kennedy


Professor Friedrich von Schlitz first ran into The Red Panda when a visitor from another world warned him about a weapon built by Professor von Slick. Since then, von Schlitz rose in the ranks of the Nazi Party, becoming their cheif scientific officer, and nursing a grudge against Toronto's Titanic Two-some. Professor von Schlitz is a major villian in season five.

Plot PointsEdit

A brilliant German professor and chief scientific officer for the German Reich who may also be heavily involved with preparing new and dangerous weaponry for the growing Nazi war machine. Warnings of his future malevolence were provided to the Red Panda by Baboon McSmoothie.

It is left unclear if Von Schlitz would have have actually become a villain like his counterpart Von Schlick, leaving the possibility that the theft of his invention in "The World Next Door" sent him down the path of evil.

Von Schlitz was behind a plot to steal the American dirigible "Melchior", fill it with explosive gas and explode it over the city of Toronto. Von Schlitz also almost killed the Flying Squirrel in the season three finale; she survived thanks to the anti-magic shield provided by Dr. Chronopolis.


  • The opening episode of Season Four, an old ally of the Red Panda flew him into the side of a mountain, presumably in the Andes.
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