Professor Zombie
Age Unknown
Height  ?
Weight  ?
Occupation Scientist, Necromancer and inventor
Alias Antonia Zombanistro
First Appearance Red Panda Adventures (02) - Night Patrol
Affiliated With  ?
Homebase  ?
Voice Actor Andrea Lyons

Antonia Zombanistro, self proclaimed "Mistress of Forbidden Knowledge, Keeper of the Ancient Relics, Practitioner of the lost art of Necromancy"[1], is a scientist, necromancer and inventor of the chemical Necronium 234 "a mixture of modern science and voodoo wisdom", which has the power to turn people into zombies. In the banter between Professor Zombie and the Red Panda in "Night Patrol[2]" it is hinted that they might have had a more complicated relationship in the past.


Professor Zombie is a brillant scientist who has created a chemical that turns living people into undead zombies. She first appears in Night Patrol where she holds the richest people of Toranto hostage in Massey Hall. The Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel become wise about her plan to ransome the people back to the city. Once they got into Massey Hall the Squirrel disabled the tanks in the rafters (Makeing her day bue) while the Red Panda kept Professor Zombie busy.

The Professor also shows up in The Mask of Death where she employs the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel to solve a murder of her partner and lover John Drake. In actuality she wants them to find the location of The Mask of Zorastra stolen by the same John Drake she said was murdered. A magical artifact said to have the power to manipulate life energy.  When outsmarted by the masked duo she sells out her stooges and makes a run for it.

She reappears again in A Dish Best Served Cold as a member of a super villian team-up committed to riding themselves of the Red Panda once and for all. Her role in the elaborate plan was to keep the Flying Squirrel busy while the others set the trap. In this episode we learn that her "original universe" counterpart is a male super villian named The Necromator.

In The Home Team von Schlitz attemps to kidnap Professor Zombie from prison in order to use her skills and knowlege in the service of the Third Reich. She was then presumably handed over to the Canadian goverment and transferred to a high security military prison created specially for super villains.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Antonia's power comes completely the chemical Necronium 234 a mixture of modern science and voodoo wisdom which she invented. When released in gas form it has the power to turn anyone that is exposed to it into her undead zombie henchmen. With the help of Arthur Mistro she has also invented a antibody that makes her living henchmen immune to the gas.



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