Known Allies of the Red PandaEdit

Dr. Anna Chronopolis
Status: AliveWell
Scientist and daughter of Dr. Theodore Chronopolis.
Voice Actor: ? is Dr. Anna Chronopolis.

Dr. Theodore Chronopolis
Status: Unknown
Scientist, inventor and the foremost expert on the combination of magic and science. The good Doctor has an unfinished time machine in Season One of RPA (mentioned in episode 3 "Rabbit Season") that was possibly completed sometime prior to the Season Two finale episode 24, "The World Next Door", and used by the Red Panda in a previously untold adventure to travel to the past, possibly in an adventure hinted at in episode 12, "The Deadliest Game". He is very disorganized and absent-minded, but is very friendly and well mannered. Apparently, is counterpart from the other the world next door is some kind of supervillain.
Voice Actor: Peter Nicol is Dr. Theodore Chronopolis.

Tom Tomorrow
Status: Unknown
Heroic "Man of the Future". Equipped with Rocket Boots and other amazing futuristic gizmos. Formerly a member of the Justice Union, he was evicted from the group after a binding resolution was passed against temporal beings.
Voice Actor: Jonathan Llyr is Tom Tomorrow.

The Stranger
Status: Unknown
Maxwell Falconi, international stage magician and mystic protector of the mortal realm. One of the first masked mystery men and one of the Red Panda's mentors. His catchphrase was "Danger was my constant companion". He was apparently quite successful, considering that Kit Baxter recognized the phrase and remembered the outfit even after he had been long retired. Officially works under the rule of the Council of Mages, but disobeys their rules about not interfering in mortal affairs. Retired member of The Society of Gentlemen Adventurers.
Voice Actor: Peter Higginson is The Stranger.

Lady Prianne Harcourne
Status: Unknown
An agent of the Council of Mages.
Voice Actor: Crysta Luszczek is Lady Prianne Harcourne.

Chief O'Mally
Status: Unknown
Chief of the Toronto Police and the official guardian of law and order in the city. Despite his gruff nature, he is a good man and does his best to protect the people of Toronto. An example of this passionate side of him appears in his argument with the Flying Squirrel in "The Callaghan Mob"[1] When she brought up dealing with the criminals, he responded hotly, "If beating the living daylights out of them would've put a stop to this, I'd have put my badge in a drawer and taken a squad down there months ago!" He began the series with a healthy dislike of the Terrific Twosome of Toronto that bordered on hate, but as time passed he has gained a grudging respect for the masked heroes. He still doesn't like them, but he recognizes that they are able to deal with foes he can't, and his desire to protect the city wins out over his annoyance.
Voice Actor: Micheal Booth is Chief O'Mally.

Baboon McSmoothie
Status: Unknown
Time-traveling, dimension-jumping Man of a Thousand Faces from a parallel future universe.
Voice Actor: Gregory Z. Cooke is Baboon McSmoothie.

Marie, the Voodoo Priestess
Status: Unknown
A profoundly mysterious individual. First appearing in "The Empty Box", Marie (though that is a pseudonym, her real name is unknown) is a priestess of the ancient ritual magics of Africa, known to the uninitiated as Voodoo. An old friend of the Stranger, she should have been advanced in years, but thanks to her abilities she didn't appear older than 40. The Flying Squirrel sought her counsel on the advice of Maxwell Falcone in pursuit of Professor Hex. Though certainly not an enemy, it would be difficult to call Marie a friend. She seems to have an outlook on life and the world far different than that of our masked heroes. As she said, "there is nothing, neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so. There is no power in the world so great in its goodness that it cannot be turned to evil."
Voice Actor: Julie Cogger is Marie, the Voodoo Priestess.

The Red Squirrel
Status: Unknown
Kim Baxter, Kit Baxter's great-great-granddaughter, who traveled back from the future to stop the supervillain The Puppeteer from killing the Flying Squirrel or the Red Panda to get the Red Squirrel out of his way. The thought was that if Kim no longer had one or both of the Terrific Twosome of Toronto as heroic inspiration, she would have never become a superhero at all, or at least she would be a less effective one. Little is known about the Red Squirrel's background, but a few details can be gleaned. She looks almost exactly the same as Kit, so much so that the shock of the resemblance broke the Red Panda's hypnotic probe. The author has commented that she is still somewhat new to her role as a costumed crimefighter, which was hinted when the Red Panda easily tricked her into revealing herself during their first meeting. Mr. Taylor also speculated that she had traveled back from sometime between 2012 and 2021, with her birth occurring sometime in the 1990s. Several details in the episode point to her being part of a government team rather than a lone vigilante, such as having a headquarters and being warned that her maneuver was "against regulations. We could get in a lot of trouble." The Red Squirrel has several powerful abilities, including some that bear a striking resemblance to those of the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel. She can fly, has some limited hypnotic powers (only inducing sleep instead of picking apart memories), and has a costume strong enough to deflect bullets. The Red Squirrel is "apparently" the g-g-granddaughter of Kit Baxter and The Red Panda, indicated by her comment "Who do you think put the Red in the Red Squirrel?"
Voice Actor: Denise Anderson is The Red Squirrel.

Captain Tom Sunlight
Status: Unknown
A daring, high-flying, presumably American adventurer and ally of the Red Panda. He apparently owes the crimefighter a favor and attempted to kill Professor Von Schlitz at the Red Panda's request, although it was later revealed that this attempt failed. Largely regarded as a nod to Captain Midnight.
Voice Actor: Christopher Mott is Captain Tom Sunlight.


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