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Remembering the Martians
Show Marvellous Boxes
Air Date 15 July 2012
Episode Number 5
Episode Length 29 min
Genre Sci Fi
Director Gregg Taylor
Writer Tim Prasil
Music By Tim Prasil

Aren't unexpected visitors the worst? They show up out of nowhere and turn your whole world upside-down. Funny thing is, sometimes you miss them when they're gone. This week, Tim Prasil's Marvellous Boxes looks back at some guests that turned history on its ear. Join us and spend some time... Remembering the Martians.

Cast of Characters[]

Terry Glass

Dr. Penelope Verne

Colon Nye, British Aeronautics Ministry

Carlos Nerdia


Sometimes, we forget that our modern modes of city-to-city transportation and space exploration–along with many of the images found in popular science fiction–come from the Martians who landed, lived, and died on Earth during the first half of the 20th century. The interviews in this program help us to remember this important yet tragic part of our global history.


Yeah, whether it's a box that a time lord uses to spin though space and time ‑‑ or a monolith sent here to advance primate intelligence -- or even the capsule that Jor-El used to teleport the last son of Krypton to Earth ‑‑ you can trace it all back to those Martian booths that landed here once upon a time.


Tim Prasil, the author, was heard as the "coming up next" announcer.

One of those promos is for a show about the "greiving therapy" technology featured in the Marvellous Boxes episode "A Demon Once Removed."


Tim Prasil's blog is at, and his facebook page is at

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