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Riddle of the Sphinx
Show The Red Panda Adventures
Webpage Riddle of the Sphinx
Air Date 15 October, 2005
Episode Number 1
Episode Length 28 min
Genre Superhero Adventure
Director Gregg Taylor
Writer Gregg Taylor
Music By Andrea Lyons
Players Gregg Taylor
Clarissa Der Nederlanden
M. John Kennedy
Steven Burley
Scott Moyle
Jonathan Llyr
Peter Nicol

The wait is over! All-new adventures of Canada's Greatest Superhero have arrived! This week: A stolen sapphire, a mysterious murder and purloined plans add up to Amazing Adventure as The Red Panda and his trusty sidekick Kit Baxter, The Flying Squirrel race against time to decipher The Riddle Of The Sphinx[1]!


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  • Toronto, Ontario
    • Bellamy Labs
    • The Red Macaw
    • The home of Amil Shawson
    • Dr. Chronopolis' laboratory at the museum
    • Volaria Chemical Co.

Cast of Characters[]

Character status is as of the end of this episode

Major Characters[]

The Red Panda - Status: Alive and Well The Red Panda is a hero in the mystery man mold of the pulp era. His costume is limited to a suit and hat with a bright red domino mask (with Batman-like blank eyes) and matching red gauntlets. Voiced by Gregg Taylor.

The Flying Squirrel - Status: Alive and Well Katya "Kit" Baxter (later Baxter-Fenwick), plucky sidekick and driver. Voiced by Clarissa Der Nederlanden Taylor.

The Sphinx - Status:  In Jail Mike Murtoch, a master safe-cracker turned teleporting cat burglar with the supernatural aid of an ancient Egyptian amulet and a pair of mystic sapphires. He also bore the powerful Ankh of Sutech, which has the ability to instantly mummify any living flesh it touches. Voiced by M. John Kennedy.

Minor Characters[]

Professor Bellamy - Status: Alive and Well Owner of Bellamy Labs Voiced by Steven Burley.

Ralph Molloy - Status: Killed and mummified by the Sphinx Night Watchman at Bellamy Labs for the last three years.[2] Voiced by Scott Moyle.

Bert - Status: Alive and Well A coroner and agent of the Red Panda Voiced by Scott Moyle.

Dr. Chronopolis - Status: Alive and Well A genius; trusted informant of the Red Panda Voiced by Peter Nicol.

Amil Shawson - Status: Alive and Well A corrupt estate lawyer Voiced by Jonathan Llyr.


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This is the first episode of the Red Panda Adventures where a character dies. The character in question, Ralph Malloy, is murdered within the first two minutes of the episode. This is the first episode in which the Static Shoes are used, and the first time that the Flying Squirrel uses her retractable gliding membranes.

Untold Stories[]

Previous adventures alluded to in this episode:

  • The Red Panda saved Bert the Coroner's life.
  • The Red Panda sent safe-cracker Mike Murtoch (who becomes The Sphinx in this episode) to prison.



  1. Taylor, Gregg. Red Panda Adventures episode 1: Riddle of the Sphinx. Podcast. dir. and prod. Decoder Ring Theatre. Toronto, ON. 2005
  2. The first murder victim in the Red Panda Adventures

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