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Secret Origins
Show The Red Panda Adventures
Air Date 16 December 2006
Episode Number 18
Episode Length 26 min
Genre Superhero Adventure
Director Gregg Taylor
Writer Gregg Taylor
Music By Andrea Lyons
Players Scott Moyle
Steven Burley
Peter Nicol
Denise Anderson
Andrew Merzetti
Tim Vant
Clarissa Der Nederlanden
Gregg Taylor

Because you asked for it! And we thought it sounded like fun!

You've followed their thrilling exploits for a season and a half of Red Panda Adventures. You've been very good. You've earned a little backstory. This week we flash back to some of the earliest days of a certain wealthy young gad-about's exploits as a masked man of mystery and show you The Very First Meeting between The Red Panda and Kit Baxter, who later became the fearless flying female known as The Flying Squirrel!


Toronto, Ontario


August Fenwick/Red Panda
Kit Baxter
Mr. Henderson, president of August's bank
Elderly Bank Customer
Marty, gangster
Bill, gangster
Mickey, newsboy
'Sully' Sullivan, taxi dispatcher
Richard, August's chauffeur


Coming Soon!


"I took a correspondence course!" - Kit to August when he asked her where she learned to drive.


August Fenwick is the last member of the Fenwick family.

We learn that Kit's father was both a cabbie and a boxer.

August owns the cab company that Kit works for.

Kit Baxter leads with her left. (But watch out for her right. It's a doozy.)

This episode may contain a Star Wars reference--"Drive casual".

This episode can be considered a "Christmas" episode.

August's driver, Richard, deduced the Red Panda's secret identity four times in two months; August triggered a hypnotic suggestion causing Richard to take a new posting in 'the country' for health reasons.  The trigger for the post-hypnotic suggestion was the phrase "sock puppets".

(speculation) August has been fighting crime as the Red Panda for about "six or seven months" prior to this story, based on the amount of time since the Fenwick fortune had begun to be diverted into secret accounts and used to buy high-tech gear.

The Red Panda captures the two bank robbers at a warehouse on DuPont.

Kit 'flattened' the McTier brothers for digging through her locker.

Kit calls August "Professor", "Mack", "Mr. Moneybags", and finally "Boss".

Untold Adventures Mentioned[]

"Last summer", there was a stick-up artist in Kit's neighborhood, who was found hanging upside-down by his ankles from a lamppost with a sign around his neck that said "Courtesy of the Red Panda".

Kit's cousin, Mary Francis, said that the Red Panda took out a whole pack of gangsters that were taking over her neighborhood, and Mary's best friend saw the Red Panda jumping off a rooftop.


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