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List of Summer Showcase Episodes
# Title Description Release Date
"Play It Again! - No Justice"
The first in our series of Summer Delights featuring favorite scripts as selected by you, the listener! The only caveat to these tales so nice we told 'em twice is that no one, and I mean no one, can play the same part the second time around. So marvel at the path not taken with Julie Cogger as Trixie Dixon and Gregg Taylor as Jack Justice as we.... Play It Again!
1 June 2010
"Play It Again! - Curse of Beaton Hall"
Our Summer Showcase of what-might-have-been continues and we play a little game of turnabout is fair play as Smilin' Chris Mott dons the red domino mask of Canada's Greatest Superhero, with Julie Florio joining him as plucky sidekick/driver extraordinaire as we.... Play It Again!.... Play It Again!
15 June 2010
"Play It Again! - The Beefsteak Botheration"
Fun in the sun as we play "what might have been" with a favorite episode of Black Jack Justice, this time featuring the dream team of Freddie the Finger and the Flying Squirrel.... Yes folks, its Peter Nicol as Jack and Clarissa Dernederlanden as Trixie Dixon, girl detective, so buckle up as we.... Play It Again!
1 July 2010
"Play It Again! - The Sweet Tooth"
We continue our summer stroll down memory lane with danger and daring-do courtesy of Steven Burley sitting in as the Red Panda with Hero van Harten as the Flying Squirrel in a little season two Red Panda Adventure we like to call... The Sweet Tooth!
15 July 2010
"Play It Again! - Death Danced at Midnight"
Holy cats, Decoder Ringers, two "Red Panda" Play It Agains in a row? It's almost like we're saving a Black Jack for the summer's big finale in a couple of weeks... But in the meantime, what could be better than an old-school creepy mystery with the cast stood on its head? Kevin Robinson as the Red Panda! Andrea Lyons as the Flying Squirrel! Chris Mott as a Newsie! Get ready for Death Danced at Midnight as we.... Play It Again!
1 August 2010