List of Summer Showcase Episodes
# Title Description Release Date
"The Magic of the Movies"
The first episode of our all-new summer anthology series, featuring the work of different writers in different genres, and allowing the members of our ensemble to try on some different hats. A special thanks to SFF Audio for the use of the graphics!
This week, the Summer Showcase is proud to present The Magic of the Movies[1] by Tim Prasil. A tale of suspense told late at night around a Hollywood bar... A tale of fame and fortune lost, and a terrible secret found. The sad ramblings of a forgotten man? You be the judge...
16 June 2007
"The Crasher"
The Summer Showcase presents The Crasher[2], another chilling tale of suspense from a world just beyond the borders of our own.
A young writer looking for a fresh start and a clean slate finds himself in the quiet town of Halfway. The perfect place to finish his novel and get his career back on track. But sometimes life has other plans for us. Another masterful script by Magic of the Movies author Tim Prasil.
30 June 2007
"Deck Gibson and the Stardust Dancers"
Decoder Ring Theatre is proud to present the first of two space adventures in the classic mold, created for us by Matt Wallace, Parsec Award-winning writer and creator of The Failed Cities Monologues for the always excellent Variant Frequencies Podcast. We hope you enjoy spending July with Deck Gibson: Far Reach Commander![3]
When Far Reach Control intercepts a distress call from members of a mysterious race, there is little time to spare. Only the pilot of the Far Reach 1, the only member of Earth's feared Quasar Corps ever to fly under an alien flag, is close enough to assist. Can Commander Deck Gibson leave the past behind and protect the galaxy of wonder into which he has been thrust?
14 July 2007
"Deck Gibson and the Last Squadron Fighter"
The Summer Showcase presents another adventure with Matt Wallace's Deck Gibson: Far Reach Commander![4]
Years ago Deck left Earth's isolationist Quasar Corps behind him. He traded in his old life, keeping Earth "safe" from a Galaxy of wonder, for the command chair of the Far Reach One. It was not a decision he ever paused to regret. He assumed the Quasar Corps had long forgotten him. He was wrong.
28 July 2007
"I don't know how long I sat there... reading the name on the door over and over until my scrambled brain could make sense of it... Drake Finn Investigations..."
Detective Drake Finn is like a lot of hard-boiled, down at the mouth kind of private eyes. Except he lives in a dark and dangerous future where who the Omniframe says you are is exactly who you are and always will be. Until an access protocol that can change all of that is put on the table. Then all bets are off... and a tough guy who's just been poured a sparkling glass of brain damage doesn't have half a chance... does he?
11 August 2007
"Slick Bracer and the Giant Nap"
Metropolisville is more than just a wheelbarrow full of consonants and vowels rubbing up against each other in ways that are dark and dangerous, and hard to pronounce. There are a million stories in this naked city, and at the heart of most of the stranger ones lies Slick Bracer, P.I.!
Decoder Ring Theatre is now proud to present Eric Deckers' hard-hitting hero in Slick Bracer and the Giant Nap![5]
25 August 2007


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