List of Summer Showcase Episodes
# Title Description Release Date
"Deck Gibson and the Room With No View"
Deck Gibson 03 Torn from the pages of last summer's Showcase, Decoder Ring Theatre is proud to present the return of Matt Wallace's Deck Gibson: Far Reach Commander in a new series of fantastic intergalactic adventures!
This week: Deck is held prisoner after a Quasar Corps ambush and arrested as a traitor against Earth! Will his training as a Far Reach Commander save him, or will the last sight our hero ever sees be... The Room With No View!
31 May 2008
"Deck Gibson and Two Days on the Tundra of Terror"
Deck Gibson 04 Responding to a faint distress call brings Deck to a frozen wasteland of a planet. With bone-chilling temperatures and blinding blizzards, surely nothing could have survived in such an environment... Or could it? Isoloated from the Far Reach One, far from help, far from hope, Deck will find the answer to this and more questions during... Two Days on the Tundra of Terror!
14 June 2008
"Deck Gibson and the Court of Eternity"
Deck Gibson 05 A Far Reach Commander is a man without limits, a man for whom the boarders and petty territories carved out of space mean nothing... only that open expanse of sky. But even those who serve Control, the mysterious mistress of the Far Reach Fleet must still answer to a higher power; something Commander Deck Gibson will some to realize when his past returns to haunt him once again... before The Court of Eternity!
28 June 2008
"Deck Gibson and the Plutonium Man"
Deck Gibson 06 When Deck took on the mantle of Far Reach Commander, he stepped into a universe of wonder those within Earth's isolationist borders could scarcely imagine. But there are still greater mysteries out there in the void, new wonders and new terrors alike, as Deck Gibson is about to find out as he encounters.... The Plutonium Man!
12 July 2008
"Deck Gibson at the End of the Universe pt1"
'Deck Gibson 07 For a Far Reach Commander, the mysteries and wonders of the Galaxy are home sweet home, the dangers of the darkest places in the big black are business as usual. But nothing that Commander Deck Gibson has ever encountered can prepare him for what waits... at The End of the Universe!
26 July 2008
"Deck Gibson at the End of the Universe pt2"
'Deck Gibson 08 A dreaded foe... an unfathomable prize... a damsel in distress... seems like everything a Commander could ask for. But with the future itself on the line, can even the combined might of the entire Far Reach Fleet stand against the powers at... The End of the Universe?
8 August 2008


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