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Tales of the Red Panda: The Crime Cabal

The first of the Tales of the Red Panda novels, written by Gregg Taylor, edited by Erin Fife and published by BookSurge Publishing. The currently available edition of this book was published in 2009.


Even the united remnants of Toronto's defeated underworld could not resist the city's masked protectors. But when they join with the murderous might of some of the masked man's deadliest foes, can even the Red Panda match the strength of... The Crime Cabal?


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Coming Soon!


The cover art for this book was produced by Chuck Lukacs.

In When Darkness Falls, Andy Parker says that he only met Gregor Sampson once. That meeting takes place in this book.

Other events depicted in the novel are briefly mentioned in "Red Panda Adventures" episodes 50, Flight of the Bumblebee!, and 56, A Dish Best Served Cold.

The first edition of The Crime Cabal contained no mention of the Red Panda 's real name; the second is free to use the name August Fenwick, as it was released after Operation: Cold Feet aired.


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