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Tales of the Red Panda: The Mind Master

The second of the Tales of the Red Panda novels, written by Gregg Taylor, edited by "Editor DeLuxe" Erin Fife and published by Autogyro Publishing. This book was published in 2009.


Sinister forces are at work, striking within the very heart of the city's elite with powers that seem otherwordly. are the attacks radom? Simply for profit? Or is an unknown predator hunting our masked heroes themselves? if the mysterious Ajay Shah really does have powers that rival the Red Panda, will even the Terrific Twosome of Toronto be able to resist the might of... The Mind Master?


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


The cover art for The Mind Master was produced by Lee Gaston; Allan Cooke is credited for design.

It is revealed that the master of hypnosis that trained the Red Panda was named Rashan. In episode 93 of the Adventures of the Red Panda, August Fenwick names a tiger Rashan.


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