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11 October, 2013 - Red Panda Adventures
Yes, folks, I'm delighted to announce that the debut story arc of Red Panda comics, which debuted digitally to great acclaim from Monkeybrain Comics, is getting a print edition from IDW Publishing! I understand that the release date for comics shops is Feb 15th, and the solicitations aren't out for that month quite yet, so your local comics shop may not yet know what you're talking about... (by all means, do pester them into carrying it, just not quite yet)
HOWEVER, it seems to be turning up all over the place for pre-order through "regular" bookstores, and there are some awesome pre-order deals that I thought I would pass along.
Read the details at the News Page

6 October, 2013 - Decoder Ring Theatre
Wayne Hall, of Wayne's Comics, recently interviewed Gregg Taylor about Mask of the Red Panda. They discuss "how the character and his supporting cast came to be as well as his successfully completed Kickstarter project taking the Red Panda to an full-cast audio comic venue." Check it out at, or through your preferred podcatcher.

17 July, 2013 - Red Panda Adventures
Red Panda: The Full-Cast Video Comic was fully funded with nearly triple the support needed. Not only does this guarantee the production of the Video Comic and some "home video" of the recording process, it also met the "stretch goal" for more issues of the comic! We look forward to more news as it becomes available.

13 June, 2013 - Red Panda Adventures
Exciting news from Mask of the Red Panda creators Gregg Taylor and Dean Kotz of a new project that brings the heroes of DRT's Red Panda Adventures to life as never before!
Even as we speak, a Kickstarter campaign is running to support Mask of the Red Panda: The Full-Cast Video Comic "An exciting shotgun wedding of the awesome sequential art of "Mask of the Red Panda" and the voice cast of Decoder Ring Theatre!" You can learn more about this project, support its creation and get yourself a copy for your dining and dancing pleasure by visiting the Kickstarter Page
The initial funding goal was reached in less than 18 hours, so this is happening, gang - get on board! But the best news is that proceeds from this project above production costs and reward fulfilment will be used to support the development of more all-new Red Panda comics, so this is win-win-win!
Visit the Kickstarter Page today, and claim yourself some awesome Red Panda rewards!

1 April, 2013 - Red Panda Adventures
Mask of the Red Panda continues it's march to victory, or whatever one has when one is a comic book. Here is one of our favorite pictures ever from the episode #1 release.
Pipdream Comics interviewed Mask of the Red Panda writer Gregg Taylor for this article, which has lots of nice insights into the process.
Read it HERE.

31 May, 2011 - Summer Showcase
Yes, it's summertime, and there's a fall format switch in the air, so we present the Upcoming Schedule for your dining and dancing pleasure:
June 1 - Slick Bracer PI (01) - A Four Star Murder
June 15 - Slick Bracer PI (02) - Case of the Kidnapped Canine
July 1 - Slick Bracer PI (03) - The Mystery of Some Murdered Guy
July 15 - Slick Bracer PI (04) - The Ruby Tooth
Aug 1 - Slick Bracer PI (05) - The Giant Nap
Aug 15 - Slick Bracer PI (06) - Perils of Public Radio
Sept 1 - Red Panda Adventures 73 - From the Ashes
Sept 15 - Black Jack Justice 43 - Mad Dogs and Ambulance Chasers
Oct 1 - Red Panda Adventures 74 - The Trojan Horse
Oct 15 - Black Jack Justice 44 - Some Kinda Lucky
More to follow....

15 April, 2011 - Red Panda Adventures
If you haven't heard Red Panda Adventures #70 - The Wild West yet, you should listen before you look, 'cause this baby has some major spoilers, but it's a beauty. This special "lobby card" was done for us by Thomas Perkins, who did the cover for Tales of the Red Panda: The Android Assassins. You can get a super high-rez version on the members page... or you could just share and enjoy this one, which is pretty darn nice too!

5 March, 2011 - Pulp Ark Award
This has been quite a season... first the Parsec Award, then the Podcast Award and now the very first Pulp Ark Award! That's right folks, if you have been waiting to pick up the all-new pulp fiction adventures of the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel until they could accurately be called "Award Winning", then wait no longer! Tales of the Red Panda: The Android Assassins has won Best Book and Best Cover Art in the 2011 Pulp Ark Awards! A picture of the shiny plaque will follow... and congrats to Thomas Perkins for winning with his fantastic cover art!

30 January, 2011 - E-Book
Well, you asked for it...Well, a lot of you did anyway. Since the Tales of the Red Panda novels started appearing, folks have been asking for e-book editions. I held off for a while, but the format doesn't seem to be going away... so here we go. I've gone with Smashwords, since they'll make the books available in many different formats and eventually ship to all of the individual e-bookstores. But frankly, I'd rather you ordered from the Smashwords site directly, as it involves rendering to fewer Caesars, if you take my meaning. So if you're one of the e-reader set, shop away! Here's the link to the first volume - available now! Tales of the Red Panda: The Crime Cabal e-book edition!

14 November 2010 - Event
Christmas Sale!
Give the gift of Pulp this Christmas! Use the discount code 5WXHPN75 when ordering any Tales of the Red Panda adventure novels from our "Books" page and save $2 per title! Order as many copies as you like... but don't delay, this offer is good only until Christmas! (NOTE: The code must be used when using the order links on our "Books" page here on the site - this is not an code)

30 September 2010 - Red Panda Adventures
Red Panda Adventures (63) -The King of Crime
They say that crime knows no loyaties, and there is no honour among thieves. Certainly, for a nation at war, any attack upon the forces of law and order may be seen as an act of treason. But what if crime were a nation onto itself? A force of nature, bound only by its own harsh rules? Could even the Red Panda prevent the reign of... The King Of Crime?

17 September 2010 - Event
And the winner is...
...Us apparently! Decoder Ring Theatre was up against some very strong competetion in this year's Parsec Awards and came out on top with this shiny piece of hardware to show for it! The Parsec Awards are given annually to recognize excellence in Speculative Fiction Podcasting, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have won this year's award for Best Audio Drama (Long Form). Sadly after a crazy weekend at FanExpo the week before, we weren't up for drive to Atlanta for the festivities at DragonCon. One of these years.....

15 September 2010 - Red Panda Adventures
Red Panda Adventures (62) - The Home Team
There may not be an ideal time to learn that one of the Red Panda's deadliest foes has escaped custody, but this certainly isn't it. The Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel may only have hours to prevent the Mistress of the Undead from departing for Berlin and if they fail, can an invasion of the dead be far behind? And all of that before they even deal with ... The Home Team!

27 August 2010 - Red Panda Adventures
Red Panda Adventures (61) - The Nose For News
More than a year has passed since the Occult War was lost, and little has gone well for those who stand against the forces of darkness. Many nations are now in Nazi hands, and the shadow of occupation hangs heavily over the remaining free people of Europe. Closer to home, saboteurs and traitors now lurk in the shadows which once sheltered criminal scum, and only one man can stand against them. The Red Panda may have lost much of his army of justice, but he still has an iron will, the strength of ten and most of all... The Nose For News!

27-29 August 2010 - Event
FanExpo! 2010
Can I just say a few words about FanExpo, Canada's premire science fiction / fantasy / gaming / horror / comics / awesomness event? *ahem* Adam West! Burt Ward! William Shatner! Stan Lee! Julie Newmar! Joan Collins! Felicia Day! Michael Dorn! Summer Glau! Son of Santo! And of course... Decoder Ring Theatre! That's right, your favorite Audio Drama company will be in the Small Press/Artists Alley area all weekend August 27-29 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. We'll have "Tales of the Red Panda" books at rock-bottom prices, including (fingers crossed) the launch of the all-new Tales of the Red Panda: The Android Assassins! Plus posters, buttons, postcards, good times, Crime Cabal Audiobooks and your some of your favorite cast members to meet and greet! So get your tickets today, and join us at FanExpo!

1 August 2010 - Summer Showcase
Summer Showcase (18) - Play It Again! - Death Danced at Midnight
Holy cats, Decoder Ringers, two "Red Panda" Play It Agains in a row? It's almost like we're saving a Black Jack for the summer's big finale in a couple of weeks... But in the meantime, what could be better than an old-school creepy mystery with the cast stood on its head? Kevin Robinson as the Red Panda! Andrea Lyons as the Flying Squirrel! Chris Mott as a Newsie! Get ready for Death Danced at Midnight as we.... Play It Again!

15 July 2010 - Summer Showcase
Summer Showcase (17) - Play It Again! - The Sweet Tooth
We continue our summer stroll down memory lane with danger and daring-do courtesy of Steven Burley sitting in as the Red Panda with Hero van Harten as the Flying Squirrel in a little season two Red Panda Adventure we like to call... The Sweet Tooth!

1 July 2010 - Summer Showcase
Summer Showcase (16) - Play It Again! - The Beefsteak Botheration
Fun in the sun as we play "what might have been" with a favorite episode of Black Jack Justice, this time featuring the dream team of Freddie the Finger and the Flying Squirrel.... Yes folks, its Peter Nicol as Jack and Clarissa Dernederlanden as Trixie Dixon, girl detective, so buckle up as we.... Play It Again!

15 June 2010 - General News
Radio Days - PRX, the Public Radio Exchange
Yes, gang, we've enjoyed the radio play on CIUT so much, we're hungry for more! The Red Panda Adventures and Black Jack Justice are now available for broadcast license through PRX, the Public Radio Exchange, and they're free as a bird for any station that wants to play 'em!
What we're hoping each and every one of you will do is email the links to the series pages to the program director or general manager of your local public radio station, campus or community station, what have you, with a quick note about why you love the shows and want to hear them over the air!
Help the DRT army grow! Email these links today!

15 June 2010 - Summer Showcase
Summer Showcase (14) - Play It Again! - Curse of Beaton Hall
Our Summer Showcase of what-might-have-been continues and we play a little game of turnabout is fair play as Smilin' Chris Mott dons the red domino mask of Canada's Greatest Superhero, with Julie Florio joining him as plucky sidekick/driver extraordinaire!....Play It Again

1 June 2010 - Summer Showcase
Summer Showcase (14) - Play It Again! - No Justice
The first in our series of Summer Delights featuring favorite scripts as selected by you, the listener! The only caveat to these tales so nice we told 'em twice is that no one, and I mean no one, can play the same part the second time around. So marvel at the path not taken with Julie Cogger as Trixie Dixon and Gregg Taylor as Jack Justice as we....Play It Again!

15 May 2010 - Red Panda Adventures
Red Panda Adventures (60) - The Great Fall
For years now, the self-appointed guardians of the unearthly powers that remain in this world have fought a running battle, trying to hold back the forces of darkness as personified by Nazi Germany. While the world has slept, a great Occult War has been fought all around us. Now it is over.
We lost.
Only one thing can now prevent that loss from being total, and a thousand years of darkness from descending upon the Earth like a plague. Will even the Red Panda be left standing after The Great Fall?

1 May 2010 - Red Panda Adventures
Red Panda Adventures (59) - Sins of the Father
A series of mysterious accidents is plauging the business interests of a certain wealthy former gad-about. Is it mere coincidence, or is Fenwick Industries being targeted? And when both the city's mystery men and a secret government agent get involved, will the cure be worse than the disease? How many must pay for the... Sins of the Father?