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The Council of Mages
A group of powerful mages. They police magical and otherwise supernatural events. [1]
List of Known Members

      Lady Prian Harcourt - Status: Presumed Dead An operative of the council who liaises with the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel. Voiced by Crysta Luszczek.
      The Stranger - Status: Sealed in the Fissure with all of the artifects held by the Council of Mages The secret identity of Maxwell Falcone, world famous stage magician and illusionist.[2] He set out to learn how to use real magic and, against the wishes of the Council of Mages, used his powers to "interfere in the corporeal world"-- otherwise known as "fighting crime."[1] Voiced by Peter Higginson.
      Elmor - Status: Presumed Dead Flunkie for the Council of Mages, known as "Skipper" to the Flying Squirrel Voiced by ?.


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