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== Links ==
== Links ==
[ Tim Prasil's facebook page: ]
Tim Prasil's blog is at [], and his facebook page is at
Episode Page -
Episode Page -

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And now, our Showcase presents The Crasher, another chilling tale of suspense from a world just beyond the borders of our own. A young writer looking for a fresh start and a clean slate finds himself in the quiet town of Halfway. The perfect place to finish his novel and get his career back on track. But sometimes life has other plans for us. Another masterful script by Magic of the Movies author Tim Prasil


A writer with an addictive personality tries of get his life together by moving to a small, quiet town in Maryland. Unfortunately, there's an unquiet graveyard behind the house he rents, and it is surrounded by a very peculiar fence.


BONNIE: If it's street noise you're worried about, don't. The only people who drive by here are the ones going to the burial park.
ROSS: I'm sorry? Did you say--graveyard?

BONNIE: So you write about--drugs?
ROSS: (Mumbles) Write what ya know.
BONNIE: Excuse me?
ROSS: Uhm--I said--it’s the drama of our times.

ROSS: This is my vision! I'm gonna wind up like you! A writer. With addictions. Dying young. Of course! It's a sign. It's a--a chance to make a change!
F. SCOTT FITZGERALD: Mustn’t jump to conclusions now, old boy. That’s a bit too Dickensian.
EDGAR ALLAN POE: Though all of us here did indeed die fairly young due to our pernicious habits.


Halfway, Maryland, is a real town. F. Scott Fitzgerald and Edgar Allan Poe are both really buried in Maryland.


Tim Prasil's blog is at, and his facebook page is at

Episode Page -

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