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The Devil's Due
Show The Red Panda Adventures
Webpage The Devil's Due
Air Date 10 December, 2005
Episode Number 5
Episode Length 27 min
Genre Superhero Adventure
Director Gregg Taylor
Writer Gregg Taylor
Music By Andrea Lyons
Players Gregg Taylor
Clarissa Der Nederlanden
M. John Kennedy
Steven Burley
Scott Moyle
Jonathan Llyr
Peter Nicol

Someone's been collecting old debts... and leaving a trail of corpses in his wake. But the city's most feared gang leader isn't going gentle into that good night - and he's found himself an unlikely ally. But will The Red Panda learn that not even he can stop payment of The Devil's Due?[1]




Cast of Characters[]

Character status is as of the end of this episode

Major Characters[]

The Red Panda - Status: Alive and Well The Red Panda is a hero in the mystery man mold of the pulp era. His costume is limited to a suit and hat with a bright red domino mask (with Batman-like blank eyes) and matching red gauntlets. Voiced by Gregg Taylor.

The Flying Squirrel - Status: Alive and Well Katya "Kit" Baxter (later Baxter-Fenwick), plucky sidekick and driver. Voiced by Clarissa Der Nederlanden Taylor.

Nick Diablos - Status:  Hypnotized and in a catatonic nightmare. A master hypnotist and manipulator. Voiced by Gregory Z. Cooke.

Tony Sclareli - Status:  In Jail. One of the top gang leaders in the city. Voiced by Christopher Mott.

Minor Characters[]

Councilman H. J. Kelly - Status: Jumped to his death instead of falling to Nick Diablos. Toronto city councilman and victim of Nick Diablos. Voiced by Peter Nicol.

Peter Walters - Status: presumably no longer in catatonic state. Wealthy industrialist and victim of Nick Diablos Voiced by Steven Burley.

Miss Jacobsen - Status: Alive and Well Peter Walters' secretary. Voiced by Andrea Lyons.

Mugsy - Status:  In Jail A soldier in the Sclareli mob; missing a few teeth thanks to The Flying Squirrel[1]. Voiced by M. John Kennedy.

Jake - Status:  In Jail A soldier in the Sclareli mob. Voiced by Scott Moyle.


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