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The day they carried Sam Merk out of the courtroom, he swore he'd never serve the life sentence he'd been given. He promised that the judge, the jury... everyone that had had put him behind bars would suffer a voodoo curse until he was freed. Of course, no one took him very seriously; until his victims started dropping like flies. Now The Red Panda may have only hours to crack the mystery... of The Empty Box!

Major Character[]

  • Red Panda voiced by Gregg taylor
  • Flying Squirrel voiced by Clarissa Der Nederlanden Taylor

Minor Character[]

  • Mari - voodoo priestess Voiced by ?
  • Bonny Crane Voiced by ?
  • Judge Anthony West Voiced by ?
  • Samuel Merk Voiced by ?
  • Dr. Carlson Voiced by ?


  • Doctor Hex A.K.A. Dr. John Erickson Voiced by ?


A trial took place and the man (Samuel Merk) was convicted for robbing. He kept saying that he was framed and then he said that he had a witch doctor who would kill the judge, then the prosecutor, then the jury, and then the police chief and so on and so forth a week after his trial. When that did happen the Red Panda and Flying Squirrel had to help. The only clue that the "witch doctor" left was an empty box. The Red Panda and the Flying squirrel at first thought that it was a red herring. Then the Red Panda went to the prison to question Sam Merk he said that his witch doctor was Dr. Hex and could kill anyone at anytime. So then the Flying Squirrel went to see a voodoo specialist. When the Squirrel talked to the specialist she figured that it wasn't a true witch doctor. Then they focused on what could be in the box. Then they solved the mystery.


Coming Soon!


Judge Anthony West and his secretary Bonnie Crane have a similar working relationship to the pairing of a 'certain young gad-about and his lady driver'.

This episode mentions some unknown villains such as The Crime Doctor and Dr. Darkness.

This episode introduces a voodoo priestess, calling herself Marie, who has a history with Maxwell Falconi aka The Stranger .

For the first time on radio, The Red Panda interrogates someone in a jail cell - he also tries to read a security guard's mind in the Mind Master.

The word 'Entomologist' is used to describe the career of 'study of insects'. Important plot point since the murder weapon in the cases is an insect.


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