A Trail took place and the man (Samuel Merk) was convicted for robbing. He kept saying that he was framed and then he said that he had a witch docotor who would kill the judge, then the prosicuter, then the jury, and then the police chief and so on and so forth a week after his trail. When that did happen the Red Panda and Flying Squirrel had to help. The only clue that the "witch doctor" left was an empty box. The Red Panda and the Flying squirrel at first thought that it was a red haering. Then the Red Pand went to the prison to question Sam Merk he said that his witch doctor was Dr. Hex and could kill anyone at anytime. So then the Flying Squirrel went to see a vodu speacilist. When the Squirrel talked to the speaclist she figured that it wasn't a ture witch doctor. Then they focused on what could be in the box. Then they solved the mystery.

Major Character

  • Red Panda vocied by Gregg taylor
  • Flying Squirrel voiced by Clarissa Der Nederlanden Taylor

Minor Character

  • Mari - vodu priestess Voiced by ?
  • Bonny Crane Voiced by ?
  • Judge Anothony West Voiced by ?
  • Samuel Merk Voiced by ?
  • Dr. Carlson Voiced by ?


  • Docotor Hex A.K.A. Dr. John Erickson Voiced by ?
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