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In his own city, The Red Panda calls the shots - and he doesn't tolerate any interloping from other masked do-gooders that aren't soft and Squirrel-shaped. But when an investigation leads the Terrific Twosome of Toronto all the way to New York City; already teeming with huddled masses of mystery men, superheroes and masked vigilantes, a lot can happen on... The Field Trip!


The Red Panda and Flying Squirrel follow an investigation to New York. They are on a mission from the Council of Mages to see what Professor Friedrich von Schlitz is up to. It turns out that he is planning to steal a powerful magical device that will bring him and the "New Germany" ultimate power for taking over the world. When the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel get wise to his plan the Red Panda disguises himself as the person who was making the copy for Von Schlitz and corners Von Schlitz. When Von Schlitz finds out that it is the Red Panda he pulls out a magical ray gun. Then the Flying Squirrel jumps in front of it to protect the Red Panda. When she gets hit she pretends to be dead and the Red Panda freaks out. When Von Schlitz leaves the Flying Squirrel jumps up and starts talking like nothing happened. When the Red Panda realized that she was not dead he kissed her. Then told her that he feel in love with her. After she calmed down after he kissed her she told him that she loved him too.

Main Characaters[]

  • The Flying Squirrel Voiced by Clarissa Der Nederlanden Taylor
  • The Red Panda Voiced by Gregg Taylor
  • Professor Fredrich Von Schlitz Voiced by M. John Kennedy

Minor Characters[]

  • Danger Dame Voiced by Julie Cogger.
  • The Ogre Voiced by ?
  • Molecule Max Voiced by Steven Burley
  • Lady Luck Voiced by Shannon Arnold
  • Hope Voiced by Did not say anything
  • Glory Voiced by Did not Say anything
  • Captian Blaster Voiced by Did not say anything
  • Huntsman Voiced by Did not say anything
  • Tom Tommorrow Voiced by did not say anything
  • Doctor Renyolds Voiced by ?
  • Hestler Voiced by ?


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This episode contains the first solid evidence that Kit's romantic feelings are returned by the Red Panda; in the next episode, they are engaged.


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