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The Giant Nap
Show Slick Bracer, P.I.
Air Date 2007 (Re-release 2011)
Episode Number 6
Episode Length
Genre Detective Comedy Adventure
Director [[]]
Writer [[]]
Music By [[]]

Your standard-issue tough-taling, hard-as-nails private eye doesn't get to solve a lot of murders. Those tend to go to the cops, and even Metropolisville's Finest notice a little thing like unrequested help from their old pal Slick Bracer. But when the murder hasn't quite happened yet, and a big fat fee is one the table, just about anything is possible... including Slick taking... The Giant Nap!


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


This episode was previously released in the summer of 2006; the fans liked Slick Bracer so much, the series was picked up for the summer of 2011.


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